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I make the code then fix the bugs
I make the code then fix the bugs

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My wife's anniversary present for me. It's awesome.

I just felt the Bern at my polling place.

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But for your actual job we need it to work on our client's standard desktop which is IE 8 on Windows 7. Have you developed web sites for Windows 7 before? How many years of Windows 7 web experience do you have? The last developer used GSS or CSS and the application was full of bugs. Please don't use the CSS. 

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This is a UX fail. The Dunkin Donuts app just ate my money. The way it works is you buy a gift card through the app and when you visit Dunkin Donuts it scans the QR code on your phone. After picking up a med coffee and two doughnuts, it complained about my credit card number being invalid and then deleted the gift card from the app. Thankfully I purchased the gift card through Google Wallet, so I still have the receipt. Now on to the UX fails:

1 The card just disappears. I just saw 28 bucks disappear instead of maybe just refusing to use the card for payment. Besides the obvious question of why the number was needed at all, it would be better to keep something around I can reference to fix the issue.

2 There is no easy way to view your purchase history. I couldn't see anything about that card or when I bought it. When did I last use it? Was I actually charged for my coffee? This seems like a simple way to resolve most issues by keeping a trail of previous purchases.

3 Why was the credit card number important when I bought coffee on a prepaid card? Shouldn't that only matter when my balance is low? The fact that a coffee and a couple of doughnuts is 4$ and I had 28 still on the card means I'm highly unlikely to run out of funds soon. You don't need to badger someone about that until maybe some lower limit like 10$. Otherwise the app feels very intrusive.

4 Submitting a problem only results in an email being sent
No particular identifying information appeared in the email, although maybe it was embedded in the email address. Some sort of in app notification, so it can add other information about me. Then, send an acknowledgement to my email. I'm hoping it at least results in someone writing me back asking for missing details. But given the "card" disappeared, I'm not sure what I can tell them.

5 No obvious way to enter my credit card when I got the notification it was no longer valid. The number was in fact no longer valid because I had reported that card lost months ago. As I left store I had no way to fix the problem or return to it later. All I remember was the cancel option.

Other issues with the app are there is no easily identifiable way to add a tip. The Starbucks app does have the ability to include a tip. My only complaint about the Starbucks tip mechanism is it should be.easier to get to.

All in all I'm done with the app. I hope I get my money back, but who knows?

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Sums it up in a nutshell

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Clinton says she’ll take Wall Street money but not let it affect her. I say I was born at night, but not last night. -Cornel West in Ames, Iowa

It is time to break up the largest financial institutions in the country. The 6 largest today hold assets equal to about 60% of the nation’s gross domestic product. These six banks issue more than two-thirds of all credit cards and over 35 percent of all mortgages. They control 95 percent of all derivatives and hold more than 40 percent of all bank deposits in the United States.

Bernie’s Plan: Reinstate Glass-Steagall, Break up the Big Banks, Tax Wall Street Speculation.

"Congress doesn't regulate Wall Street, Wall Street regulates Congress." ~Bernie Sanders

#FeelTheBern   #Quote   #WallStreet   #BigBanks   #TooBigToFail   #BernDownTheBanks   #BreakUpTheBanks  

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