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I am trying to help a friend of mine who is in a abusive relationship it has not escalated to physical yet but its just a matter of time before it happens.What I'm looking for is any resources in her area. She has recently gotten a really stable and good job and she is expecting a good tax return to make a move to place herself and her kids in a safe environment but she is trying to bide her time till everything can come together financial to be able to change her situation. What we are looking for is either volunteers to help her make a fast move, Maybe reduced price for rent on a moving truck, or shelter till she receives her money. This is the area code she is located in 54935

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Google's motto on commercials on television in my area, is caring and sharing on the web and internet.

Just out of curiosity on my part I'm wondering what do you name the circles you have for people you add?

A few of mine are, 1. Awesome people 2. People I wanna watch 3. People I wanna stalk 4. People that are butt heads 5. Friends 6. People doing interesting things and that's just to name a few.

Share if you care and want to be a part of
something bigger then yourself .And also for fun.

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This is how I row...

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This is how I row...

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Why is it that people seem to think they can tell you what you can and can not post on your own page? If they don't like the content then they should just unfollow.

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Ok G+ers time to give back and vote for Google Plus just to say thanks for such a innovative social net work site.


By: Tina Lollis

I know that there are several men and women who will sympathize with my
story, because it has happened to them. My son has been legally kidnapped and his
legal custodians, James and Claudia Mull (the paternal grandparents), at the time
this happened, well to say the least they are truly above the law (at least in Nash
County,NC). On March 27th of this year the Honorable Judge William C Farris looked
at me and the opposing party, James and Claudia Mull, and stated that “You are not
party to this action” he was referring to the Mulls!! I was in utter shock. For James
and Claudia Mull were awarded legal and physical custody of my son on August
10th, 2004, but remember “they are not party to this action”

On November 30th, 2005, my son’s father, Christopher Blaine Dawes, and I were
awarded supervised visitations with our son. These visits were to be every other
weekend at each of our parents’ homes. Christopher at his mother’s home and me
at my mother’s. Well from 2005 to 2010 I was continually denied visitation for one
reason or another, they were trying to alienate me. But this is not the worst of the
case. In Mid-May of 2009, Claudia sent my son to live with his father in Bryson
City, NC. No court proceeding was held, no motions were filed and absolutely NO
NOTICE was given to myself or my mother notifying us of this move. So I filed
a Motion for Show Cause for Civil Contempt and Modification of Custody. It was
dismissed because I did not have the fathers address to have him served properly.
At the time I didn’t know that I could ask for a Temporary Ex-Parte to have the
case heard. Christopher moved back in with his parents in February of 2010. My
son was enrolled back in his old school. But my visits were still being denied.
Claudia told my mother that I was not going to see my son until I caught my child
support up. Again I filed. NOTHING HAPPENED! Note: My child support was
caught up completely and since then has been completely stopped due to
the fact that the father now has my son!

I was beyond mad, frustrated and hurt…so I began to wonder “Who do the Mull’s
have in their pocket?” After all she was employed by Nash County Department
of Social Services, for several years, as the Director of Personnel (since then she
has retired from this position). She has status in Nash County and I am getting
absolutely NO WHERE in that county. I am by no means a rich person, so I
continually represented myself. If I didn’t know, I would research the North
Carolina General Statutes and I would call lawyers and Clerks of Court that would
offer me helpful advice as to what I should do and how I should file.
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