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Rod Bryans

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Les Varines Open Day 2017
Open Day at LesVarines. A quiet Sunday heralded the last opportunity for people to gather and peer into an archaeological pit delivering evidence of an ancient settlement of Neanderthals.  Earth that hasn't seen the light of day since mammoth's roamed these...

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Les Varines 2017
High on a bluff overlooking a lush valley that runs down to the sea is Les Varines and trapped in an ancient cwm or cirque  is an Ice Age archeological site yielding vast numbers of Neolithic finds. Small fragments of napped flint and over 3,000 tools creat...

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Durrell - Jersey Zoo
After the heady heat of the last week a cool breeze crossed the island and a day of soft cloud and blustery beaches took me inland. A delightful day just to mooch through the grounds Jersey Zoo. Even the bears, sprawled and spreadeagled, adopted the somnole...

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This looks like fun, a blind date with a book!


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Heave Ho me Hearties!
Once again those swashbuckling pirates have run aground at the Maritime museum. Swarthy, rum filled, Captain Jack Sparrow is looking for a new crew. Stories are told, battles are fought, doubloons are bartered and the air is rent with shrieks of delight.  H...

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Grace Davie's and The Farm School Inititative
Down a chestnut strewn leafy lane hidden in the wild's of St Martin's parish  is Grace Davie's Farm School Initiative.  Returning from college in Edinburgh, Grace felt the pull of the land and wanted to share what she had learned about the benefits of being...

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Cider Festival at Hamptonne - Fais'se d'Cidre
One of the biggest events on the Heritage calendar and by the sheer volume of people attending yesterday one of the most popular. Hamptonne hosted another Cider festival and people could see, first hand, the sheer effort that goes into making the amber nect...

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Myths and Magic Discovery Day at Hougue Bie
As summer draws to a close Hougue Bie hosts a Discovery Day related to local legends.  In the dappled shade, a host of activities, invite parents and children to explore this unique site, listen to stories, watch a play, make a print, put scales on a dragon...

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Les Varines 2016
Dr Matt Pope and his team are back. On an exposed Les Varines hillside, the earth studded with Neolithic finds, Matt, Ed and the team patiently dig away. Everyday the students unearth flints that haven't seen the light of day since they were buried centurie...

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Greve De Lecq Barracks
Saturday and the island lanes echoed to voices of charitable souls as they strode determinedly or meandered amicably chatting way on the Island Walk. But tucked away at the bottom of a hill lay Greve De Lecq barracks where re-enactment soldiers from both Je...
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