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A Love Letter to Chicago Winters
It’s February 28 and 64 degrees outside. I’m in Chicago. I know it won’t last long. We can live in denial for a weekend, but if it’s not April, winter isn’t completely over. You can’t talk about Chicago without talking about the winters, the bane of every r...

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Sundance Film Festival 2016
TRUE: I took a five-day trip to the mountains to watch movies as part of Sundance Film Festival.  TRUE: I could just give you reviews of those films, despite knowing that they won’t be released for several more months. I could tell you about the random, cou...

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Top 10 Music Videos of 2015
To me, music videos are as essential to year-end lists as musical albums and films. In fact, I spend more of my year in the YouTube black hole than I do in the Netflix black hole. In this day and age of video streaming and internet memes, artist’s sounds ca...

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Top 10 Albums of 2015
Highly subjective as always, with some effort of objectivity. This year, I’m most thankful for pop music, which may finally be living up to its full potential, becoming a new kind of sanctuary. Punk music told us to fight back against our own self-doubts an...

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I started a new life recently and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it. To answer those questions indirectly is to make this point: Once, I was asked how much time I spend outside my comfort zone. Since then, I’ve struggled to define what my comfor...

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Mr. Stewart Was My Favorite Teacher
Just a few days ago, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart aired its last episode after 16 years and 2,623 shows. As a result, I haven’t stopped thinking about the show and the man fronting it, and particularly why I and so many others admire him so much that all...

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When Can a Girl Yell and Scream?
Any time life gets rough, I turn to art - sometimes by making it, but usually passively by listening to music. I grab a pair of headphones or turn on my car stereo and turn the insides of my head over to whoever or whatever is flooding my ears. But lately, ...

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Unstable San Francisco
If I had to describe San Francisco in one word, it would be: unstable. Unstable in its earthquake-prone geography, its non-earthquake-proof urban planning, its cold/shady or warm/sunny or mist-not-rain weather, its infamous displaced population, and its ent...

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The Last Four Years
(in less than 700 words) Since
I was a child, I fantasized about college and the ultimate freedom it would
afford. I could go anywhere I wanted, study everything I wanted, and do anything
I wanted. It didn’t quite turn out that way, and like many Illinois s...

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In Defense of TV, From A Cinephile
Television is taking over film. This has been a major point of discussion within the media industry for the past few years -- because it’s true. It used to be the other way around. I can’t even believe the amount of movies that have now been turned into tel...
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