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What, exactly, was Saudi Arabia thinking...

They (OPEC, led by the Saudis) flooded the market with oil to drive the prices down to kill the american oil production market.


Hey, Saudi Arabia, that would work if the US's only industry was oil or even if the only core industry was oil. But you forgot something... America manufactures cars, steel, food, furniture, etc. We invent, we innovate. And, like the Marine Corp, we improvise, we adapt, we overcome.

So over the past 2-3 years some american exploration & production companies have gone out of business. A few more have gone bankrupt. Several have merged with other companies. Because of this, A LOT of oil & gas workers have been put out of the work they loved doing and have lost the good income that went with that job.

Congratulations(?) Saudi Arabia, for accomplishing that? You did put a dent in that 1 (ONE) industry... for while. You didn't knock the US out of the game though because, unlike you, oil production isn't our only/core industry (see above for examples). So while you tried to live off your savings account, American workers shifted to other jobs (because we have them. You... not so much). The E&P companies, for the most part, have found a way to survive (again, see above).

Saudi Arabia you were playing a sucker's game from the start. Learned your lesson yet? Here's one more lesson in our ability to adapt, improvise and overcome: The US oil & gas industry won't get back to work when oil prices rise - The US oil & gas industry will get back to work when production costs drop. Let's check-in and see how that's going...

Operations have become so hyper-efficient and the cost (to produce) per barrel of oil has been so dramatically reduced by a series of things – from rig efficiencies to completion technology applications and process changes – that has really created an extremely interesting environment for E&P companies to generate the kinds of returns they and their investors hope to see.

It’s hard to overstate the positive impact of how change in efficiencies and productivity that E&Ps are seeing from their service providers has had on the industry. You look at basins that before required $50 or $60 per barrel to be economic … today with how efficient the industry has become, those costs might be down to $40 a barrel.

So, Saudi Arabia, regardless of what your lemmings in OPEC do, we'll be okay over here on our own. Thanks for playing.
Following more than two years of an economic downturn that's roiled oil and gas markets, experts are cautiously optimistic the industry is finally prepared to turn a corner in 2017.
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Eric Warren

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It's #FLYDAY Morning.
Welcome to another great #flyday  

Say hello to my little friend.

The 163rd Fighter Squadron 'Blacksnakes' were in town to do a flyover for a football game.

The local airport is a fun place to hang out.
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Hey E It's class reunion time they need your address if you care to share I will get it to them.
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Eric Warren

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#Flyday comes early... Again
Christmas is approaching so I am going to try some social app called IRL... We’ll see how that goes.  But I don’t want to miss out on too many #Flyday celebrations.

I have a few good shots of the Ford Tri-Motor and it is a uniquely cool aircraft.  199 were built. 18 still exist today.  Only 8 of them are airworthy.  My son got to take the controls of this one during flight.

One thing cool (in a spine tingling way) is the motor mounts look really flimsy.  You would expect the motor to pull itself off the wing.  But the planes were/are very sturdy, even if they look like they were slapped together from scrap parts.  Notice the corrugated wing.  Also, if you look at the largest engine strut you will see 3 glass dials.  They put the engine gauges on the engines.  The pilots had to look outside to see the readings(?)
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The Ford Tri Motor was the first to go trans continental. If you Google EAA Ford Tri Motor you can find a website about this specific plane. 
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Eric Warren

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Even Google Maps is getting into #Flyday  
This is a screenshot from Google maps.  Notice what looks like an MD-88 (passenger jet)?

If you are interested, click the link to see if you can pull this up on your map:,+-80.111394&hl=en&geocode=&sll=40.406201,-80.110191&sspn=0.006609,0.009645&vpsrc=6&t=h&mra=mr&ie=UTF8&z=17&iwloc=ddw1

Anyone have any thoughts about the type of aircraft? MD-88? Yes, no, other?
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It is going to take a sharp eye, I think, to specifically ID this plane.  When I googled the image, most returns were a McDonnell Douglas design.  I just went with the MD-88 as it was not too old nor too new.

Just taking a few minutes of looking and the possible suspects are:
MD-80, 81, 83, 87, 88, 90
Boeing 717
Take a pick...
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Eric Warren

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Eric Warren

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There's No Day Like #Flyday !
The EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast taking off on a cold October afternoon.  I took the picture so, obviously, I was not onboard.  My son was.  He had helped out at the event over the weekend. The old EAA guys thought it was cool that a young buck was interested in flying so on one of the last flights of the weekend they told him to climb aboard.  He did not get to handle the flight controls during this flight... That chance would come the following June when the EAA guys put him in a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor.  He did get to fly that.  Some people have all the luck.  The rest of us live vicariously through them.
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Eric Warren

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This is (continuing) evidence that Democrats /Liberals /Communists /Progressives /Etc (let's come up with one word that fits all: human debris) are willfully and knowingly ignoring real data to advance their schemes. What never ceases to amaze me is even those with a scientific mind will abandon fact, truth and actual results to advance a false narrative.

It doesn't matter whether you're talking about global warming, stem cell research, or even politics... Whatever stand the "human debris" group takes is the false promise.

The "human debris" group is not a bad group... They are an evil group. "...Badness consists in doing bad things. Evil is different: it is the deliberate destruction of truth, virtue and holiness." (full text: )
+Leslie P I admire your positivity and optimism to want to try to reason with them. If you get even 1 convert to wake-up and climb out of the trash, then that is excellent. However, this is also a good way to deal with them... Push them out:
Indiana UnIndiana University Caught Paying $200 for Brains of Aborted Babies for Research
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Eric Warren

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Attention Everyone Reading This Message
*Today is #Flyday *
Please return your seats to the full upright position... er, wait.... We don't do big commercial sardine can stuff here.  Buckle your seatbelts because we may throw in a barrel roll, stall or just cruise inverted for awhile.
[Where was I?]
Oh yes, #Flyday  
This is another shot of/from the Ford Tri-Motor.  This pic was taken by my son from the co-pilot's seat at about 2100 feet altitude.  After he took this picture, he took the flight controls (sorry, but it's just too cool to not brag a little).
Enjoy the view...
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Eric Warren

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#Flyday  ... #Flyday  ... #Flyday  ... It's #Flyday  
(Well, in a few minutes, anyway.  But I'm going to be busy tomorrow and didn't want to miss out.)
This is the cabin of a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor (I'm sure it was 1st class in its day, huh?).
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we do I get to go for a ride?
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Eric Warren

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Remember Pearl Harbor
#Flyday December 7

Some interesting information:
There were eight civilian light aircraft airborne during the attack...
(As quoted from this list: "Aerial Vets of 7 Dec 1941", page 97-98 in Stan Cohen's EAST WIND RAIN (Missoula, MT: Pictorial Histories Pub, 1981, revised 1991, corrected 1994, renamed ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR in 2001 edition):

Aeronca "Tandum" Gambo Flying Service; Mrs Marguerite H Gambo, instructor
Interstate "Cadet" Andrew Flying Service, Miss Cornelia Fort, instructor
Aeronca "Tandum" Hui LeLe Flying Club, Tommy Tomberlin, instructor
Aeronca "Tandum" Gambo Flying Service, Roy Vitousek, renter
"unknown type" (thought to be a Piper Cub) K-T Flying Service, M.F. Poston, student solo
"Waco" (biplane) K-T Flying Service, Robert Tyce, instructor
"Cub" K-T Flying Service, Clyde Brown, renter
"Cub" K-T Flying Service, Henry Blackwell, renter

And from another source (sorry, this isn't a term paper... if you need accurate footnotes... you're out of luck)

The training schools, etc. involved that day were:
Gambo Flying Service
Andrews Flying Service
K-T Flying Service
Hua Lei Lei Flying Club

(1) K-T Flying Service had four J-3 Cubs airborne.
(2) Andrews Flying Service had its Interstate Cadet airborne.
(3) Marguerite Gambo [later Ma Wood] owned several Aeronca Tandums [the words used on the Bill of Sale]. She rented one that was airborne [plane exists today in Hawaii]...She had a student up in another.
(4) Ma Gambo sold one Aeronca Tandum to the Hua Lei Lei Flying Club. The club plane was up with instuctor and student [plane exists today in Texas].

Although I posted this picture before, it is relevant to this post as it is a Piper Cub.
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Eric Warren

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Eric Warren

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Welcome back to #Flyday  Afternoon.
Last #Flyday  was during the holiday... so no pictures then.  This is a Cessna 172 cockpit.  You can view the image in full size to see the altitude... Maybe you can even read the GPS well enough to get an idea where this flight took place.

Yes, the image is a little blurry but it was taken from the backseat during flight.
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I might be the E you are looking for.  Then again, I might not be.
I could tell you about myself but that wouldn't matter too much.  Read my posts and +1s and you will see who I am (online, anyway).
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