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John Watson

Take That on #TFI Friday... LMAO!!!
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#TFIFriday returns to TV and then #LastPass gets hacked... Freak or Unique?
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I recently bought a #Samsung #Galaxy Tab S 10.5. I have to say I'm well impressed with the screen as are most people. There is a bit of lag here and there but I would say it is acceptable. What I would really have liked on this model would have been USB3 support - primarily for charging.

Battery is good / very good. Screen is the dog's danglies and the rest is great! I'd love to get a stylus to make notes using handwriting etc but it needs a bit of research.
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Just replaced the shower extractor fan tonight in the attic. Not an easy job; mostly because the builders / installers were a lazy lot who couldn't be arsed doing it right the first time!

The last fan couldn't suck the air out of a balloon. It  was a generic 100mm jobbie that was expected to force air along 4m-5m of ducting. The new one is a #Manrose #MFT100T which is a real "sucker". Slightly nosier but stops the bathroom mirrors misting up and condensation forming on the walls.
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Damn! Trying to get work done and The Outlaw Josey Wales comes on RTÉ One.
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If you're using a PCTV #Triplestick #292e and having problems receiving some DVB-T mpeg4 channels with VLC, I would suggest ticking the option for "do not demultiplex". This had me baffled for days as to why I could view BBC and #RTE DVB-T / T2 mpeg2 / mpeg4  channels from Divis and Black Mountain but not from RTE @ Clermont Carn.

Thanks to +Antti Palosaari for all his hard work with the Linux driver and his support on his G+ page. Without people like him we'd still be stuck in the 2000's.
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Eventually succumbed to "sacrificing" half my storage. 4 x 2TB WD Reds in RAID 10.  Had to be done... danced around it for long enough with LVM & RAID 1 etc.
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Earlier I was trying to mount one disk of a RAID 1 mirrored-set but was having no joy. After a long time searching I eventually found...

john@jupiter64:~$ sudo mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda1
mdadm: /dev/md0 assembled from 1 drive - need all 2 to start it (use --run to insist).

So trying it again with --run added....

john@jupiter64:~$ sudo mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 --run
mdadm: /dev/md0 has been started with 1 drive (out of 2).


Also if your planning to shift a lot of files across a LAN to a home server, try using FTP rather than SMB/CIFS. The former gives me around 100MB/s whereas the latter was averaging 60MB/s. Can make a big time saving when moving GBs of data.

#mdadm #RAID1 #degraded  
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Decided to give #openmediavault a go on one of my HP #n40l #microserver . So far so good. For a while I was wondering why I couldn't see any shared folders on my networked TV; then I realised I hadn't installed #minidlna DOH!

Next step is to move my #TBS6280 from my #MythTV N40L and see if it works with the VDR plugin. Sounds a job for the weekend I'm thinking.
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Thanks to +Chris Fisher and +Chase Nunes for their great show #unfilter . I've been a European #patreon supporter for many months now. The last few podcasts of unfilter have been the best in months.

Do yourself a favour and check the other #jupiterbroadcasting shows and better still... become a #patreon supporter!
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