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Hangouts now supports any Google Apps customer account
We've heard from educators that multi-way video calling would be a useful tool for learning. It would help students connect with experts and with each other, and would help educators teach remotely and collaborate with their peers. So starting today, Hangouts video meetings support any Google Apps customer account (, including those without a Google+ profile. Google Apps customers can start or join a high-definition video meeting that connects 15 participants from their computer (and coming soon for mobile and tablet). Multi-way calling will also be available if you’re using Google Talk. 

To help you get started, we’ve put together 10 ways to use multi-way video calling in class: We can’t wait to see how you’ll use this new feature. 

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So..I was wondering how Google had solved the pairing of a non Wifi connected device and a Chromecast and had some ideas but I could never have imagined that the solution was Ultra sonic sound. They are just brilliant over at the Google complex. Experts in thinking out of the box.

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More teaching, less tech-ing. 

We’ve worked closely with teachers to build new tools made for the classroom. Google Play for Edu is now available to US K-12 Chromebook schools. Check out the details here: #GoogleEDU #IO14

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Importing Web Data into Google Spreadsheet

Did you know you can import tables available online directly into +Google Drive? That can be done using the ImportHTML function on  Google Spreadsheets and will save you a lot of time. The image below shows how to do it (source
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Well that's unexpected...

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#NowCasting Google+ photos and videos
Transform your TV into a photo album. Starting today, you can cast +Google+ photos and videos to your TV with #Chromecast using your +Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad. Just look for the cast button in the Photos view of the Google+ app to view and share your favorite memories right on your TV.

Pro tip: Not seeing your photos? Switch on the Auto Backup feature in Google+ to cast all of your photos. You can find this in the settings menu.

Learn more:

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After deploying Google Apps for Education last year, Brazilian School Colégio Mater Dei was inspired to take tech in the classroom to the next level. They’ve now created a space built from the ground up as a technology-powered learning center for K-12. Behold their “Google Learning Space”:

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And sadly, the western world is trending in the same direction.
I think the worst part is that since #1 son's school is so good -- top 50 in the country -- there are correspondingly even more terrible schools out there to balance it out. 

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Wow, impressive.
Researchers Teach A Robot To Catch Flying Objects
When the robot uprising begins, don’t try to take on our new overlords by throwing assorted household items at them. It won't work!
-+Greg Kumparak

It's not just the catching part what's interesting here, it's the way hand learns how to do it.
More and more parts of autonomous human-like robots are getting figured out across the globe. They are getting faster, lighter, and use artificial intelligence to learn the desired behaviour.

I'm creating a simple artificial life simulation for my thesis, and this interests me deeply.

A couple of years ago, I've seen first drones coming to life. They were home/lab built and required extensive knowledge to come by.
Today you can get them online for as low as couple hundred $. They get bigger, are used to carry stuff like cameras, in aerial photography, and companies like Amazon talk about using them as autonomous delivery systems.

We're at the phase where most of the needed technology exists, scattered around the world in different labs, developed by different teams. Collecting all that into one product, providing SDK with "smart stuff" built in, and packaging it into an affordable packet, will take some more time.

Whoever does it first, will start a revolution bigger than the smartphone, and I want in!

Quote in the subtitle and image: .
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