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In honor of poetry month, part III, I would like to share a poem I initially wrote in college. It is about what I see when looking at Pablo Picasso's extraordinary painting of "The Old Guitarist". Enjoy "Witnessing 'The Old Guitarist' by Pablo Picasso".

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Witnessing "The Old Guitarist" by Pablo Picasso
the slightest gesture strums faint strings with blue crinkled fingers that bring forth your song grey creates the energy cold yet shivers are not seen; belief that the answers are written within your bones your guitar, held in many ways, many circumstances,...

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Black and White
live free or die everything to the soul; a burden and a salvation we conjure these morals to exist our existence; preparing to die contemplating the “what ifs?”; unbearable regret choosing to live in terror grey organized cults; sources of chaos, believe in...

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The Seven Deadly
Gluttony stuffs the last bit
of gravy back into her
never-closing hole and wipes her teeth
clean for the next round Greed shuffles the green grinning at his
rewards as his guilty client
walks to freedom Lust struts down the slums
of the city, wearing only s...

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The Next Chapter
ones who fear the endless
possibilities are those who have
intoxicating voices filled with deep
tones of promise and revolutions
not worth becoming the population
of the dead; Their
brainwashing fever overthrows the innocent,
young and unguided to a det...

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The Guessing Game
ghosts trot in sequined gowns diving through wanted beings scouring naked grounds to rock the cradle of the seeing every life comes to an end a journey we all seek never laughing at fallen horses or believing in the weak soldiers become warriors senators be...

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The good ole days of playing ball at Orlis Cox fields.

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Swinging Low & Aiming High
up to the plate to
free the risk muddy
cleats burrowing in destined
dirt heart
beating with every nod
from the pitcher the
future stands with a stare down maybe
let one fly by to
see the competition? licked
lips start the anticipation last
breaths ...

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Miles Away
there ever was a sadness I
saw you in the flight miles
away saw
dust stricken eyes filled
with lust forgotten love surpassing
this moment forcing
love in ways known making
our love always in
the unknown wandering
sky meeting truth surveying
existence’s b...
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