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I enjoy life.
I enjoy life.

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Fantastic brick/stone work!

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I got this totally beautiful & smooth natural yogurt made from sheep milk. Now I intend to make it myself. It has a very light texture.

Already made this amounts converter for its unit measures.

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Has anyone already visited this place?

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I don't regret I watched this 18 minutes long video.

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Last night I red this page & totally could not believe my eyes as I reached "The 17 proposed Sustainable Development Goals" POINTS. Anyone wants to share an opinion?

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Raw Chocolate Cake I made the other day is almost similar to this recipe:

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Wow and so modest.

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This project deserves some support.

It's about putting honey bees back to suburbs where they perhaps get less disease, and some even, no sprayed with pesticides. Please share.

I'll be sponsoring this project on as well, they kick start it live next week (23rd Feb. 2015). The design contributes to keeping stronger bee colonies (in the sense of limiting manipulations within the hive.)

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Cacao vs. Carob Comparison (nutritionally)

I found cacao superior. It has MUCH higher good mineral contents. Than there are those fighter-chemicals and antioxidants it contains.

Carob however isn't bitter in taste. No wonder, it has such a HUGE sugar amount! It must suit better for some deserts - no need to add other sweetener. Does anyone know if carob has any medicinal advantages?

Comprehensive Nutrients Breakdown:



Both share almost the same color and texture when powdered (the darker foods the better I was told).


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Raw Blueberry Cheesecake with Lime & Lemon | vegan recipe

Making and indulging in raw cake - 1 ...
( * let me know if you made this delight )
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