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Nice work, anyway. Thanks for sharing the results!

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Interesting comments at the link. Does the networked world shift us from specialists toward being generalists?

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"Declaration of Interdependence"

The iTunes 'sync' paradigm finally broke down for me today. Our family has 2 MacBooks, an iPhone, an iPod, and an iPad. It seems silly that Apple thinks each portable device should sync to just one computer. I need more control over which podcasts and audio books are copied to which devices.

Has anyone had experience with non-Apple MP3 players? I'm looking at the SanDisk Clip Zip at the moment. Seems like it would do the job.

So I attended an awesome talk by Steven Johnson today about where ideas come from. My take away is that in addition to the friends and professionals I already listen to and gain from, I need to diversify the thinking circles that I interact with.

How does one find high-quality and diverse "nodes" (people who represent schools of thought) on Google Plus? I think I am primarily seeing inside a filter bubble right now... G+'s 'famous people' suggestions are all people who think somewhat like me (albeit at a higher level, no doubt).

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When connected with Ray Kurzweil's chart on historical rate of adoption of communication technologies, this blows my mind. Will we need software that figures out what the next communication platform is and adopts it for us, because rates of adoption will surpass human capabilities?
I should probably be doing something work-related.

Data provided by Google Search. Special thanks to +Paul Allen.

I'll be posting more of these as we hit more milestones.

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Mandy just shared this with me, really cool!

3D Printer

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I just used to weigh in on heavy-handed copyright laws S. 968 (PROTECT IP) and S. 978. Really an impressive system for being heard--it is both easy to use for me, and relevant to my representative and senator.
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