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Erson Religioso III, DPT, FAAOMPT
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The best fitness and rehab podcasts
Podcasts are a great way to learn, if you know how. Follow these 3 steps to get more out of podcasts and check out 12 of my favorite shows!
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10 things not to do if you have lower limb tendon pain 
By Professor Jill Cook. Rest completely The old adage of use it or lose it applies to tendons, resting just decreases the ability of the tendon to take loa
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Redefining manual therapy in a modern pain science world 
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If I had a career rewind 
Recently I have been peeking at the DPT student facebook page and it brought back some memories of my early days in the profession. Some memories I look back fondly on and others I cringe thinking about and want to grab the old me by the neck and shake some sense into him. Looking back there … Continued
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Check out this awesome set of exercises you're probably not doing! 
rGreat Exercises You Are Not Doing For Performance, Injury Prevention, & Rehab Single Leg Raise So, you want to deadlift, kettlebell swing, clean, snatch and jump? Great. But, can you touch your toes? How does your active single leg raise look? great exercises you are not doing I don't
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Exercise with Age, Strong Sleeping, and Coaching vs Training - Mike Reinold
This week's Stuff You Should Read comes from Gretchen Reynolds, Ken Whetham, and Kevin Mullins.
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A great plan for self residency
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Dead Bug 2.0
Core stability is the key to unlocking an athlete’s optimal performance potential. Without it, forces cannot be efficiently transferred from the lower body to the upper extremities. The Dead Bug exercise is commonly thought of as a remedial core exercise best used in wimpy rehab programs. In
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Worn out trainers, great neuroscience nugget! 
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Sex differences in knee OA 
Enhanced pain sensitivity among individuals with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis: Potential sex differences in central sensitization
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Doctor of Physical Therapy, international lecturer, OMPT mentor
Teaching about pain, movement, and self treatment, mentoring clinicians, mad fathering skillz!
  • EDGE Mobility System
    owner, 2010 - present
    EDGE Mobility System sells tools to help your patients and you move better. The home of the EDGE and EDGEility Tools for IASTM, EDGE Mobility Bands and Balls, The EDGE Solution, CupEDGEs, Mirror Boxes, Khalili Cream, Motion Guidance and Capnotrainer
  • SUNY Buffalo
    Adjunct Faculty, 2005 - present
  • Daemen College
    Part-Time Faculty, 2002 - 2009
  • EDGE Rehab and Sport Science
    owner, 2008 - present
    Buffalo's best Physical Therapy. Always 1:1. We evaluate/treat any kind of pain/movement dysfunction, specializes in spinal pain, athlete rehab, running injuries, and TMJ dysfunction (TMD)
  • D'Youville College
    Adjunct Faculty, 1999 - 2013
  • UpDoc Media
    Owner , 2014 - present
    UpDoc Media is your hom for podcasts, webinars, mentoring, business renovation and high quality Physical Therapy seminars
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Buffalo, NY
DPT, Fellowship Trained in OMPT, blogger, private practice and business owner, entrepreneur
BS, MS in PT from D'Youville College, DPT from University of St. Augustine. Fellowship trained in OMPT, certified in Manual Therapy, Craniofacial (Rocabado), Strength and Conditioning, credentialed McKenzie MDT, Fascial Movement Taping, Adjunct Faculty SUNY Buffalo, mentor in the Evidence in Motion Fellowship in OMPT. Runner and advocate of variable training. Owner EDGE Mobility System, EDGE Rehab and Sport Science, UpDoc Media, EDGE Health and Tech Solutions
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Husband to a Beautiful Wife, proud father of 4 Beautiful girls!
  • D'Youville College
    BS and MS in PT, 1993 - 1998
  • University of St Augustine
    DPT, 1998 - 2000
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It was an appropriate question, given that I was on my way back from the race, although the breathing was the result of my unintentional arr

Nerd Hour: 10 Video Games That Changed My Life

Let's face it. I'm a big nerd and I love geeking out. For many years and to this day, I'm a big fan and appreciator of digital entertainment

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Back pain is so common that it affects 80% of Americans in their lifetime. However, even with such a high prevalence, many continue to have

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The Physical Therapist's Brand Promise

Do we have one? Open question to my PT & physical rehab folks: "What is our brand promise?" Interested in your thoughts! #branding #DPTstude

Stiff Ankles Could Pose a Serious Risk When It Comes to ACL Injury Risk....

Howdy Folks, today I wanted to discuss a growing body of literature that highlights a relationship between ankle dorsiflexion and movement p

Science of Running: Uncertainty, Randomness, and Over-control in Training

It's what we preach in coaching and in life. Don't sweat the small things that don't have an actual impact on our well being or life. It's o

Four Ways To Measure Brand Equity

Brand Equity is defined as: "Brand equity is a phrase used in the marketing industry which describes the value of having a well-known brand

The Five C & P's of Social Media Significance

As we all know, social media has come into a life of its own. For many of us, the connections we make here may actually be more salient than

What is wrong wrong with healthcare???

How far can health care dollars get divided? So I'm still working this blog thing into my schedule. (Kids and life, huh?) From my previous t

Going to PT or going it alone with your rehab?

FIRST BLOG POST EVER! The Thinking Face So... I recently received a message from a friend about a friend of his. His request was rather simp

Three Non-Negotiables for Running ~ Eat. Run. Rehabilitate.

Howdy Folks! Howdy? Why do I say that? I don't know but here in Miami everything keeps on thinking that I am saying "How ya doing", so perha

Great food, amazing service! Everyone from the hostess to our servers seemed vetted to have just the perfect combination of helpfulness and charisma. Wife and I can't wait to go back!
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Why go to just any physical therapist? Dr. Kyle Coffey is not only an expert and experienced clinician, but he also teaches future Doctors of Physical Therapy at the university level. If I were in the Southern New Hampshire area, Dr. Coffey would be on my short list for any sports, musculoskeletal, or spinal issue.
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Super slow service. Table was so creaky and unstable our kids almost spilled their drinks several times. Cooks were eating while preparing food.
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Great park for kids, plus the surrounding walk and bike path are amazing for dates and families!
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23 reviews
My favorite authentic Mexican restaurant in Buffalo NY! Great fast service, vegetarian, not vegan options.
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Great service, we love going for dates, with the kids and their Sunday brunch is amazing!
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Excellent service, very nice hotel, would recommend and will definitely stay at again!
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