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The Birthday Project - Final
For those of you have followed my photography since 2003, when I first created a website, you may remember a particular section I would add to once a year, a section I called "The Birthday Project". Every year around this time, I would make a portrait or ev...

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People I ride with - Beard edition
I figured it's been way too long since I posted anything new here and it's already February, so I thought I'd post a couple of new photographs.  My photography tends to be personal and most of the people I photograph are people that I know and ride with in ...

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BIke Night
As I get more into motorcycle culture, I am learning a lot, meeting a lot people and riding to places in Utah (so far anyway), that I have never been to before.  Recently, I went to a "Bike Night" event that took place in the Salt Lake City area at an "In N...

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Photographs and Words by...
It is always a treat to have your photography published in a magazine, and I have been treated many times over the years, starting in my university's student news paper, a few local magazines, zines, and countless online blogs and magazines. Until today, I'...

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Harley's and motorcycles...
I think I have quoted the Italian film maker Federico Fellini before, with his famous quote, "All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autobiography."  I have always felt that way about my photography, and as I get older, as it were, I find th...

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Tenkara Guides, Badgers and Bums - Oh My!
I am a fan of the internet and social media and aside from learning new things when I go to events like the workshop that  Tenkara Guides LLC put on recently I get to meet people that I know through these various forums and websites.  This particular partic...

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Tenkara No Oni
I recently  had the pleasure of being able to be a part of a unique fishing workshop recently put on by Tenkara Guides LLC , where they brought Master angler, Masami “Tenkara No Oni” Sakakibara from Japan for three days; it was a wonderful workshop that off...

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More color
I don't shoot a lot of color, so I thought I'd post this photograph, from the Tenkara Guides LLC workshop, on its own, because the rest will be in black and white.  I don't always know what I will post here, most of the time the photographs I post here are ...

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Oncorhynchus clarki utah
I don't shoot a lot of color film, , it's mostly a choice of liking black and white better and for the most part black and white conveys the timelessness and dreamy qualities that I am going for much better.  That being said, I like shooting color film, Fuj...

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The Bridge
Bridges serve many purposes, from their intended purpose of crossing body of water or great span two geographical features, as well as serving as a landmark.  If you are into fishing, they are especially great to fish near as well, which is what I did for t...
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