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Angel Santos
I have a pathological need for attention.
I have a pathological need for attention.

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Seven pages into The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and I just want to go home, crawl back to bed, and brood about life. Too much Feels:

"Maybe this is how I'll go, in a fit of laughter, what could be better, laughing and crying, laughing and singing, laughing so as to forget that I am alone, that it is the end of my life, that death is waiting outside the door for me." 

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I have the tendency to wallow in my misery. 

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After reading Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane, I came across this video, in which a child prodigy challenges the "adult" in us. Quite moving, if you ask me. Go watch.

Adora Svitak: The world needs opportunities for new leaders and new ideas. Kids need opportunities to lead and succeed. Are you ready to make the match? 

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Like Colin, I want to leave footprints, to make my mark in the world by doing something great. I want to be a catalyst for change, but I fear that I may not be enough. I fear that I am just a remnant of my college years–the prime of my potential, wisdom, and fierce idealism. I fear that I may not be as good as I was before, that I am just it. 

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Sometimes a book can save us from a lot of pain. Or not. 

(I wonder how long can I sustain this book-blogging shit that I'm doing)

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Sometimes Insomnia, Inspiration, and Depression can be productive (and I'm not even sure how inspiration and depression go together.) Also, this is probably the longest piece I ever wrote that is not quarter-life crisis related.

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Google+ Is Now the #2 Largest Social Network In The World

A recent report by Global Web Index has revealed that +Google+ has now surpassed Twitter in active users!

This quick graphic I created only shows the numbers for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, although Technically +YouTube was considered #3 and Twitter came in at #4.

If anyone has yet to see the value in Google+ as a platform to build an audience for their business or brand, they seriously need to re-think some things.

[HT +Rahul Roy and +martin shervington for making me aware of the original report:]

#socialmedia #evanG+ #facebook #twitter

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