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Geek tech gadgets film games friends pints london

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Fellow geekpubbers, Loading Bar (gaming themed bar) are looking to set up Loading Soho.

They start their trial run this week. On their 2nd night the venue is ours.

Loading Bar is just the venue for us. Here's what you get to enjoy:

- WiiU with 4 controllers for nintendoland

- Xbox 360s

- A retro console might also be there.

- Videogame-themed cocktails

- and of course your regular selection of drinks (beers, wines, softs, spirits)

Join us from 7pm for a night to remember! ... and hopefully repeat.

As always at our monthly socials, no entry fee, but please RSVP:

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Join us for our first virtual LAN party on Steam on Saturday 23 Feb from 1pm.

Sadly our usual IRL venue, the gamerbase at Trocadero, is currently unavailable, so we turn to Steam for some gaming amongst the geekpub community.

RSVP here:

And join or Steam group here:

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Fancy coming to our end of year meetup next week? Good news! Looks like we can release more spaces. Join the waiting list; link's in the event description.
Please RSVP at:
This event is guest-list only.

2012, what a fantastic year for geekpub, and it's all thanks to you, our awesome members.

For our last monthly meetup of the year we've booked the Cafe at Google Campus London, just for us, exclusively for the night.

This event will be a big one! We're pulling out all stops and will do everything we can to have a fantastic end of year meetup together.

Features at a glance so far:

- Free welcome drink for the first 60 members, courtesy of the wicked digital agency Co & Co UK - confirmed
- Charity will be - confirmed
- Special musical entertainment by @Nintendisco- confirmed
- Lots of geekpub members - confirmed
- Lots of fun and new friends - confirmed

We've got a sponsor lined up to cover a welcome drink of your choice (soft drink, beer or wine), just make sure you don't join too late. We've got Nintendisco covering the musical side of the evening. This event will also be a great way to raise awareness for, the charity we'll support at the event. We're also looking at getting some micro-breweries involved to sample some of their fine produce.

This will be a guest-list-only event, so please make sure you RSVP Yes if you want to come and mark your diary. The venue has a maximum capacity of just over 100. Let's fill it up!!

We're working on more treats so stay tuned! If you've got any thoughts or ideas, please leave a comment.

Dead bodies.... dead bodies everywhere! Geekpub rocking gamerbase with a massive game of CounterStrike!

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We're planning our next LAN party for November. Groupon are running an offer right now. £5 for 7h of gamerbase gameplay. Grab it!

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heres a geekpub @Eurogamer_Expo update! read up on the info if you would like to meet us or join us for the day!

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A great piece of gaming history, the epic Tetris and its origin.
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