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Mean English Teacher...RARR!
Mean English Teacher...RARR!

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Peter Ferguson Many people have
claimed to see ghost, or something supernatural throughout their lives. The mysterious light that appears at night
time on US Highway 21. At the beginning of Lands End Rd. there is a moss
covered tree that it is said, if you ...

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The Fox Sisters
Te’a Olivas The Fox
Sisters were known to be famous for being
the creators of spiritualism. The spirits
communicate with people known as psychics and mediums. That is what you
can call the Fox sisters. The names of the three sisters were Margaret, Kate
and ...

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Taj Mahal
Kayque Stoffel The Taj Mahal has been around
for a long time people in India and all around the world enjoy visiting this
beautiful mausoleum. The Taj Mahal is one of the world wonders it is a very
important to the people of India because it represents the ...

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Runestones in America
lanham  In 1830’s the Indians were removed from their territory leaving the hunters to roam around and hunt.A
little girl name Gloria Farley once hiked up the hill in 1928 and found a rune in the city of Heavener Oklahoma. Which she thought was a little

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The Lost Dutchman Mine
Bri R Phoenix,
Arizona: heat, vacation, family, fun, but what if I told you that it also holds
gold treasures, eerie feelings, and deadly outcomes?  This is all true and it lies in the
Superstition Mountains.  Located in
Phoenix, Arizona, is the mountains, ...

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The Mystery of Coral Castle
Hayes Coral
Castle and the crescent shaped moons The sunshine state otherwise
known as Florida has sand castles all around the coast, but have you ever heard
of a coral castle in Florida? Well there is one and it has a mystery behind
it.  A 5 foot, 100 ...

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Shanghai Tunnels
Kaelah Bussey Shanghai Tunnels Shanghai tunnels are located underneath the streets of Portland, Oregon that run from the north to the south end. The tunnels provide access to many local downtown areas. They are made up of a series of catacombs (passageways ...

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Alice Flagg of the Hermitage
Faith Cayruth Alice’s Grave Ghost stories can
sometimes be grueling and creepy; they can give you nightmares even. Very
rarely do you hear of any ghost stories that don’t have some horrifying story
to go along with it. Alice of the Hermitage’s ghost is one ...

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Hill of Crosses
Ariana McMahon With
a landscape full of seemingly random crosses, the country of Lithuania displays
its religious devotion and pride. In their article on Lithuanian crosses, Giedre Mikneviciene and Marija Nemuniene, say,
“ Crosses are an inseparable part of...

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The Lost Civilization of Lemuria/Mu
Jenise Thompson Lost Pacific Continent of Mu/ Lemuria Lemuria
has been called the lost continent for many years. It received the name because
of the island sinking in the middle of the ocean and never returning to the
surface. Lemuria was located  in the
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