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Radu Zaharia

Video Songs  - 
"We live in cities you'll never see onscreen - 
Not very pretty, but we sure know how to run things"

I just love that line :D
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Radu Zaharia

Discussion  - 
Sad lesson today. Turns out MongoDB is useless as a database (if you consider what a database is). 
In May of 2013, we showed that MongoDB 2.4.3 would lose acknowledged writes at all consistency levels. Every write concern less than MAJORITY loses data by design due to rollbacks–but even WriteConcern.MAJORITY lost acknowledged writes, because when the server encountered a network error, ...
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Thanks for sharing. I think what this post highlights clearly, and as others have said, is that you need to assess what tool you need for a job, and not just dive in head first and use the most fashionable shiny. 
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Radu Zaharia

Video Songs  - 
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that's a nice song you shared there +Radu Zaharia 
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Radu Zaharia

Video Songs  - 
I'll just leave this here :)
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Radu Zaharia

Astronomy  - 
He reasoned that if you couldn't see the background, there'd be no way of knowing that the ball and the feathers were being accelerated towards the earth. So he concluded...they weren't. Brilliant. 
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Radu Zaharia

Astronomy  - 
Nice timeline of the future
When will humankind become extinct? When will Chernobyl finally become safe? Explore the predictions of futurologists and climate experts with our Timeline of the Far Future.
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Very cool.
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Excellent SQL administration blog for all hardcore SQL fans out there. 
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Radu Zaharia

AI Software  - 
Excellent article on recurrent neural networks and their amazing ability to learn text structure, syntax and grammar :D
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There iz a video game from ten yearz ago made by japanese that taught me the building blockz of RNN ... itz called Carnage Heart EX ... I know people are thinking I am being simple but to give a reprentation of my neural ... I am certified with A plus... MCSE... Net Plus... Avionics...Power Plant ... lower level Electronicz... The game iz robotic chip variable ratio building sector by sector... not a childz game ... just bookz and bookz on how to chip your AI and then field test ... 
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Radu Zaharia

Off topic  - 
I'm sorry but I had to post this. 
Before I get into why this "Agile" stuff is horrible, let's describe where Agile/Scrum can work. It can work for a time-sensitive and critical project of sho...
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I agree that this reads more like "how not to use Agile/Scrum" than a realistic critique of agile/scrum. Bad managers can screw up ANY development methodology, and as methodologies go, I've never seen anything better than well-implemented agile.

Contrast: I've NEVER seen a good waterfall process. Ever. And I've been in the industry since before a lot of devs were born, back when waterfall was the norm...

Bottom line:

Doesn't matter if you consult or develop in-house... if you're not listening to feedback from customers and constantly adjusting to improve outcomes...

You're Doing It Wrong.
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Radu Zaharia

Video Songs  - 
A chilling orchestral version of their original song. Geike Arnaert has a better voice though. 
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Radu Zaharia

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See how the world has changed since you were born :D
How you and the world have changed since you were born
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Still planning that trip to the Moon.
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Excellent service and very good prices :D I would love if they would have more recipes to choose from.
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