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Point Reyes.  Coast trail and Ocean Lake Loop trail from Palomarin.

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Please remember to avoid leaving standing water on your property.   #westnilevirus  does kill wildlife.  56 of the 80 positive cases found in dead birds this week came from #santaclara  county, but eighteen other counties in California have also reported positive cases.

Dead birds can be reported to the Dept of Public Health's web site:  

They're very quick to respond and appreciative of the public's help.
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Jennifer McHenry

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Almanac Farmer's Reserve Pluot and Farmer's Reserve Blackberry.
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Jennifer McHenry

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Feeling emasculated? We have a solution for that too.
Introducing Mandroid, Google's remasculating new operating system

Codename: Gun Whisky Cologne Cigar Beard 
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The B&W boxer would make a great wallpaper!
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Jennifer McHenry

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Superbowl beer ii. Coronado's Islander IPA. #beer
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Jennifer McHenry

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Dear Google News,

Why does your In Depth article about Petraeus link to New York Magazine's Celebrotica feature?  Admittedly, the whole media frenzy around Petraeus' resignation is sordid, but I think this is taking the satire a bit far.  

Trying not to laugh (and failing),
Your Truly

P.S. Whatever happened to that story about the Independent Agency Regulatory Analysis Act?  I know the The New York Times buried the discussion in an editorial, but surely someone is covering that... right?
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Guy who sold me the case: don't just buy for this for the breweries you know (Allagash, Russian River, ...), but the breweries you don't know.  He pointed to the Maibock from Cigar City.  Good advice!  

Electric Ray IPA, in collaboration with Ballast Point (Left) and Yonder Bock, i.c.w. Cigar City Brewing (Right).
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I'm on a beer hunt!
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Jennifer McHenry

What I'm Drinking  - 
Almanac Dogpatch Strawberry.
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Stunning Santa Susana monkey flower (D. rutilus) and red monardella.

Thanks to +Las Pilitas Nursery, +Bay Natives Nursery, +Oaktown Native Plant Nursery  and the Santa Clara chapter of the California Native Plant Society for sharing their expertise and selection of natives.  

#nativeplants    #california   #garden  
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Beautiful the color!
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Jennifer McHenry

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Shallow grave. Beer speaks truth.
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Jennifer McHenry

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West coast beer for West coast football. Go niners! #beer #SuperbOwl
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