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We received an amazing letter from a parent and would like to share it here:
"I wanted to share with all of you something that happened this week. I hope that it will uplift and encourage you as it has me.
Yesterday, my daughter Ella and I made a trip to see her primary care pediatrician. She has been Ella's primary since Ella's 2nd birthday. She is the same doctor who at 2 and a half was giving us the referrals for speech therapy and autism testing. The purpose of our visit yesterday was to confirm my suspicion that she had croup.
During the visit, Ella complied with all of her requests and answered her questions. (Granted, I had her mildly distracted and entertained playing Starfall on her tablet.) Our last visit with the pediatrician was her 5 year well-baby and it went horribly. She told me, this is amazing. Ella is functioning as a 5 year old should. She is talking and understandable. The doctor said you had a 2 year old who was obviously on the spectrum and if you had to assign a grade would have been at an F; come to now where she is at a B+ or A-. She said to look at her now; she shows the potential of having a successful, productive, "normal" life. I told her that we have her in a lot of therapy. She still remarked at how awesome it was and asked, who are these therapists?!? I proudly told her about receiving our wrap-around services at MOSAIC Eastside Children’s Therapy Clinic in Issaquah, and having her in a very supported environment at school. I told her I know Ella will always need some accommodation, but we keep her supported and learning coping skills and we have learned coping skills too. She told me just how awesome it was gave me a thumbs up and said keep it up. It's working, keep doing what you're doing.
So to all of you who have been and still are involved in her support, I wanted to thank you. Thank you for the positive changes and development that you have helped to bring about. Thank you for your patience and expertise while working with her. Thank you for helping enrich our lives, especially hers. I wanted to let you know also from another medical opinion watching her from outside the close-knit support ring; that you are appreciated and your hard work has been noticed.
It was a very heart-warming moment for me and I hope that it touches you too. Thank you for your awesome work thus far and keep it up.
I could keep gushing, but I will end it here.
Thank you,
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