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Vineet Verma
Nothing (else) matters!!
Nothing (else) matters!!

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“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”
― Paul McCartney [Beatles]

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An Interesting Wedding Couples Event

Department trip on a Saturday, with gathering time at 8 in the morning is insane. But I'm excited :-D
Hv already put multiple alarms @10-11 PM to sleep ;-)

There is no 'y', but 'I' in happiness ;-) #PursuitOfHappyness

I can proudly say that today, June 30 - the last day of 2011-H1, has been the most lukkha day at work during this period. No other day exists even in comparison. Google+, Buzz, Twitter I had it all~

Arey wah... Buzz is also integrated in G+ :-)

What is a more plus in G+? New interface or Not-facebook?

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My Sweet Niece - Vanshika

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Shall We Dance - My Latin Class @ Asus/ Pegatron
Part 2 - Sorry Sorry..... continued
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