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David D. Levine
Hugo-winning writer of SF and Fantasy stories. Novel ARABELLA OF MARS coming from Tor in July 2016!
Hugo-winning writer of SF and Fantasy stories. Novel ARABELLA OF MARS coming from Tor in July 2016!

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Guerrilla reading at Norwescon, 4pm Friday

Norwescon is this weekend. I didn't get a program invite, so I'm doing a guerrilla reading of Arabella of Mars in my room! 4pm Friday in room 5102. Please share!

If you're on Facebook, the Facebook event invitation is here: Please RSVP and invite your friends!

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I am proud to announce that my short story “Damage” is a nominee for the Nebula Award!

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I am very pleased to announce that Tor has revealed the cover and release date for my first novel, Arabella of Mars. Here is the fabulous cover, by artist Stephan Martinière!

The book will be released on July 12, 2016, and it is already available for pre-order from Powell's and Amazon. You can also order it from your local independent bookseller. The ISBN is 9780765382818 for the hardcover and 9781466889491 for the ebook.

The Amazon page also features some of the excellent blurbs I have received, from Mary Jo Putney ("a real page turner"), Pat Murphy ("rollicking interplanetary adventure"), Patricia Rice ("Regency space opera in its best form"), Madeleine Robins ("So. Much. Fun!"), Tina Connolly ("a delightfully detailed airship adventure"), Kurt Busiek ("a non-stop adventure packed with thrills, charm and surprises"), Ellen Klages ("genre-bending thrills in this Regency whizzbang"), and Kim Stanley Robinson ("a very clever and entertaining start to a memorable saga").

Finally, I am happy to announce that my copyeditor will be the amazing Deanna Hoak, who was one of my classmates at the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop. I'm really looking forward to working with her.

Update on Kate - no Worldcon for us (ETA: I can come!)


Extremely generous friend Marc Wells has just stepped forward to take care of Kate while I take his wife Patty to the convention, saying "you and Patty need to be there, I don't." Marc has the experience to help Kate with her insulin and I trust him completely.

This is so overwhelming I am in tears. But I will be at the convention.

Original post follows:

The short version: Kate spent four days in the hospital last week, coming home Sunday, and we won't be able to attend the Worldcon. 

The long version: This started over a week ago, with tummy troubles that came and went. Thursday at 1am it was back, even worse, to the extent that I called 911 at 5am; paramedics came, gave her an intravenous drug for nausea, and took her to the ER.

At the ER she got more intravenous drugs and a CT scan, which showed some bowel irritation but nothing major. With the drugs she perked up pretty quickly, but the doctors decided to keep her overnight for tests and observation. They also gave her injections of insulin to bring her steroid-induced high blood sugar down. (We had just started metformin, an oral blood sugar medication. As long as she was in the hospital they decided to use the stronger stuff.)

She stayed in the hospital from Thursday to Sunday. Each day she felt better than the day before, but every night she had trouble in the early AM. Tests for C. Diff, norovirus, Shiga toxin, bacteria, and the most common virus for stomach bugs all came back negative. Finally the enterologist suggested that the symptoms were consistent with "autonomic diabetic neuropathy" -- basically, high blood sugar weakens your sympathetic nervous system so that your GI tract doesn't work right, especially when you've been sleeping for hours. 

Getting her blood sugar down (from 408 Wednesday to 149 Sunday; normal is 140 or less) and giving her Imodium brought the trouble mostly under control, and she went home Sunday. But her sugar has been so high that metformin isn't going to cut it, so we will have to inject long-acting insulin every morning, and test her blood sugar and inject the appropriate amount of regular insulin before every meal. Also we need to change our eating habits -- reduce carbohydrates, increase fiber, eat more smaller meals, you probably already know this drill. We were already doing pretty well on this score but will need to do even better.

Kate is absolutely not up for travel this week. We considered whether I could go to the Worldcon without her, but with this new and complex drug regimen to manage, plus follow-up visits with the doctor, it doesn't look as though I can go for even one day. Kate can't manage this by herself right now, it isn't something I could ask a friend to do, and I don't want to leave her with strangers (we would have to find, interview, and hire someone in just a day or two). It might be different if we were more experienced with the routine of blood, drugs, and pointy things, but not in the first week. 

So... no Worldcon for us.

To say that I am disappointed would be a severe understatement. Shattered, more like. Also angry, sad, and resentful. Not at Kate, but at the terrible situation we both find ourselves in. 

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There's been a rash of obviously bogus profiles (all caps name, no photo, no posts, and no location) leaving +1s on old posts. This has been going on for weeks. These profiles are not even trying to appear legitimate. Can't someone at Google get rid of them?

Do you understand sed’s uppercase N, D, and P commands? Please contact me. I have some questions.

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I am extremely pleased to announce the publication of my story “Damage” at In addition to being free to read at, the story is also available as an ebook for 99¢ at all the major ebook stores.

I am also pleased to announce the podcast at Escape Pod of “Homegrown Tomatoes” by Lara Elena Donnelly, which I narrated. You can hear it, or download it as an MP3, for free here:

About “Homegrown Tomatoes,” reviewer K. Tempest Bradford at io9 said: “Not only do I dig this story, David Levine is an excellent narrator. If you haven’t heard him read his own stuff you’re really missing out — he’s amazing. And he’s just as good with someone else’s fiction.”

In the Gmail iOS app, typing a search causes the search suggestions (eg contact names) to flash briefly on each typed letter, but then they vanish and can't be selected. I've tried killing and restarting the app, rebooting the phone, and deleting and reinstalling the app. Any suggestions?

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As you may have seen elsewhere (e.g. we are having a major medical Situation here which will probably continue for a long time to come. I'm going to have to make some changes in my use of social networking, and I'm afraid that G+ is going to get little or no attention from me for the duration. All my other social networks can be posted to from a client (I use Tweetbot for Twitter and Facebook, and MarsEdit for my own bog, LiveJournal, DreamWidth, and Tumblr) but G+ offers no API and therefore requires a manual copy-and-paste, with editing to reformat HTML into G+'s nonstandard markup language. Don't have time for that now. I do like G+ and will still be hanging around, but don't expect to see a lot of posts from me going forward.
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