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Librarian. Editor. Gamer. Historian.
Librarian. Editor. Gamer. Historian.
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This about sums it up. Sharing it on Google so they get the point. :P 
Google Reader is leaving me?!?!

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Photos of architectural details from a tour of the St Louis Public Library's newly-renovated Central Library. The Central Library is a Carnegie library and was built in 1912. 
March 12, 2013 - Central Library Tour
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Superman has always stood for Truth, Justice and the American Way, yet DC has hired Orson Scott Card to write him -- Card is an extremist Mormon who is on the board of the National Organization for Marriage and has openly advocated armed rebellion against the US if Gay Marriage is legalized.  He denies truth, opposes justice and advocates treason.   Why is this lunatic being hired to write Superman?

Tell DC Comics that you're not cool with this. 

Sign now:

EDITED TO ADD:   Attention members of the Oppressed Straight White Male club -- your comments will be deleted.   Don't bother.  You're as inconsequential to this discussion as you are in real life.

So #TellAFeministThankYou  is trending on Twitter. Here are some of my thanks, since the last is a bit too long for that format: 

to +Amanda Barton  for teaching me how to speak formally about feminism

to +Filamena Young  for being a reliable pipeline for awesome (and not so awesome) feminist news in the gaming world

to my mom, who passed on her love of ass-kicking heroines who didn't have to sacrifice their femininity

to my grandmother the Marine, who was a quiet, inexorable force of nature and an early campaigner for the ERA

to every teacher and administrator at my all-girls high school, for encouraging me and my classmates to make the most of every resource and every talent we had, and who made honors physics the most popular class 

to my father, who shared his loves of history, politics, and sports with me and never made me think twice about whether I "should" be interested in the same things.

and, though it's terribly anachronistic, to Charlotte Bronte, for giving 8-year-old me a heroine who was hard-working, independent, frank, and loving, and at the end wouldn't compromise herself for an "appropriate" path through life.

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I suspect this is of interest to my gamer and librarian friends alike. 

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Coming to PBS tomorrow night -- Shakespeare Uncovered "Henry IV and Henry V with Jeremy Irons."  See a preview here:

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For the record, the Rangers are my NYC team. I'm not much for basketball or football (as a St. Louisan, I grew up without the former and mostly without the latter, though I do still consider myself a bit of a Cardinals fan). As a member of the Cardinals Nation, obviously I can't be a Mets or (yuck) Yankees fan. I like hockey, and the Rangers and the Blues have no particular relationship, so, hey, that's my team. So the idea that other women are explaining "News of the NHL lockout’s end caused as much excitement in the male world as a 70 percent off sale does in a woman’s" makes me want to explode. 

And furthermore, most of my guy friends are WAY less into sports than I am. So please take this stereotype and shove it, world.

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