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Final vision project
For my final vision project, I created a
library blog using Edublog that is designed to meet the needs of our school
community, in particular the students.   You
can check it out here . My primary goals were to create a blog that
was simply laid out, intera...

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Final Vision Project- Content
Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is
doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker At the beginning of the week, I started investigating
which platform to use for the library website.   I
had created a website using Weebly for a previous course but...

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Final Vision Project Rationale
I thought I would start with this TedTalk about designing with intent as I begin thinking about how to proceed with a library website for our school. The website I plan on creating will be
geared mainly towards students at my school. I work in a single trac...

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Looking Back and Moving Forward
For me, one of the key topics from the past few has been the topic of PLNs.  I was unfamiliar as to what a PLN was and have now gained the knowledge to proceed in developing one in more depth.  With a PLN, you are connecting with others and bringing new kno...

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World Libraries
“Empowerment of people through  Media and
information Literacy is an important prerequisite for fostering equitable
access to information and knowledge and promoting free, independent and
pluralistic media and information systems” (UNESCO) Through the use o...

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Supporting Others
I was at a workshop after school yesterday
and we were asked to pick a toy car from a pile placed in the middle of the
table.  We were to pick a car that best
represented where we are in relationship to technology.  My friend beside me took the jeep and whe...

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was fortunate to find Kate Klingensmith’s blog at the beginning of this week
while exploring PLNs.   It is a good
starting point as it clearly explains what a PLN is and gives examples as to
how to get started, in a straightforward and easy manner for peo...

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Valuing Reading
“ You may have tangible wealth untold; caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.  Richer than I you will never be.  I had a mother who read to me.” Strickland Gillian Retrieved from Creative Commons One important component in fostering a reading culture is the...

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Blog Post 3
When looking at all four of the articles I chose, an overall theme of having students think more deeply about their
learning and what they are doing on the Internet emerged.   The articles also made me reflect more deeply
about the practices I use in the li...

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Blog Post 2
My three areas of focus are Digital
Literacy, Information Evaluation and Inquiry-based Learning.   I look at a number of different articles
addressing these topics but chose the following four as I thought they would be
most helpful in addressing the needs ...
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