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Ian quits smoking (Take 9)
Day Two reveiw

Heart palpitations not as overwhelming today... but seem to last a little longer
Nervous energy spikes like wise are not as intense but the durations are longer
I nderstand that I am sweating out nicotine but why does it have to make my skin feel like it has a nasty semi sticky film on it
Everything I eat seems to taste like I am eating it out of a dirty ashtray
The Cinnamon sticks and Starmints seem to leave an almost plastic coating in my mouth that no amount of brushing seems to get rid of...

Will I ever feel clean again??

Good new it has now been 48 hours since I have had a cigarette...

Time to stop my bitching I guess
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Detox, it's never fun. You seem to be handling really well. Congratulations & keep up the good work. You should be half way through the detox stage & ready for the clean & free stage.
I think I will be clear of the physical aspects around Tuesday... Just need to hang on to this roller coaster a little longer...

Thanks for all the support. It really means alot
Monday will be 11 months since I put them down. You can do it.
It's been 9.5 years for me. It gets easier. It really does.
Come on brother O mine. EWE KIN DEW EEEEET!!!
Have you considered trying going to a sauna, drinking water to stay hydrated, and sweating it out some of that stored up nicotine, and then taking a nice cool shower to scrub clean? That might help?
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