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Choosing and Maintaining your ASKO Cooktop

ASKO’s cooktop range is second to none. If you are having trouble making up your mind what power source you would like in a cooktop, ASKO have the answer. Why not go for a gas/induction combination option? You no longer have to stick to the one element type. Do you entertain a lot? Do you need a wok burner or a griddle? These are all options offered in the ASKO range of cooktops. There are different surfaces as well. You can have the choice of ceramic, stainless steel or black enameled coating. You will be amazed at how a cooktop can lift the look of a kitchen or bench top.

Gas cooking

Gas cooking has many advantages:

The heat is instantaneous and cheap to run.
It is very responsive to temperature variance.
It can accommodate wok burners and specialist trivets
You can flame or char grill flat breads and some vegetables on the open flame.

Induction cooktops

Induction cooking rapidly heats the pot or pan so the desired temperature can be achieved very quickly. It doesn’t heat the cooktop surface, making it a very safe alternative to other methods of cooking. Your cookware must be compatible with induction. To use induction cooking, pots that are suitable are cast iron, steel or even some enameled steel pots and pan. If you are unsure, place a magnet to the bottom of the pot, if it sticks to the pot it is compatible. Make sure you take this into consideration before making your choice as it may be an expense you did not expect.

Induction cooking has very important and unique safety features. With the ASKO cooktop, once you finish cooking on a zone you are able to turn this area off and put your hand straight onto the surface, without any possibility of burning your skin whatsoever. This makes induction cooking incredibly safe for the whole family whether you are cooking the meal or not. The ASKO induction cooktop has taken the safety theme even further, with features including an Overheating Switch off and 9-hour Cooking Limiter.

A great innovation with the ASKO Matt cooktop is the anti-slip surface. You no longer need to hold onto your pot to stir it. The pan or pot you are using will stay exactly where you placed it. Imagine whisking in two different pots at the same time!

The surface is scratch and fingerprint resistant and also very easy to clean making it user friendly.

Unlike most stove tops it has 6 auto functions, which include Auto boil, Simmer, Fry, Grill, Wok and Warm.

Another feature of the AKSO Matt cooktop is its revolutionary Bridging Zones. This allows you to combine two cooking zones to create one large zone. This will really assist with your larger pots and pans.

The ASKO Matt Induction Cooktop comes in two sizes for your bench top, 60cm and 90cm. The 90cm comes with 5 cooking zones with Touch control. The 60 cm version comes with 4 cooking zones with Smart Control.


The accepted method of cleaning an induction cooktop is to clean spills as they occur. To give it an allover appearance of cleanliness and shine you can spray glass cleaner on it and wipe with a paper towel.

With stainless steel cooktops, you can again wipe the surface of an residual stains and then use a glass cleaner or you can use a dedicated stainless steel spray.

Flame failure

Flame failure technology exists so when you flame goes out, the stove automatically cuts the gas supply to the burner. A very important safety feature and one that is not classified as an Australian Standard. Although it is standard with all Asko cooktops.

View our complete range here:
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ASKO Dishwasher Features

Not all dishwashers are the same. The features included in an ASKO dishwasher are unparalleled but hard to live without once you realise what the best has to offer.


No need to pre rinse your dishes. The ASKO Super Cleaning System performs a pre rinse before the main wash to eliminate any food particles. Simply scrape food scraps into the bin before loading into the machine.

ASKO domestic dishwashers have an extra larger load capacity. External height of 82cm and loading height 54cm. XXL models are bigger again. External height of 86cm and load height 58cm. These are some of the biggest domestic dishwashers available.


In other dishwashers, dishes normally dry from the residual heat in the crockery after the wash. Turbo drying technology allows ASKO dishwashers to eliminate all moisture after the drying cycle is complete. It will leave your dishes dry and your glasses free from spot marks. Some models feature Turbo Drying Express. This pumps hot air and can shorten program times to around 30 minutes. With Turbo Drying there is no residual moisture, as it is redirected to the lower part of the door.


An innovative feature to the ASKO dishwasher, flexible racks allow you to get the most space with every wash. There are four Flexiracks systems available and you can choose the model with the racks most suited to your needs. Certain models have height adjustable baskets that allow you to move taller glasses in the top and larger trays down the bottom of the unit. It is like tailor making your own dishwasher.


Baskets glide open and are fully extendable to make loading and unloading quicker than you ever thought possible. No need to reach into the dishwasher to load cups and glasses.


Appliances made of stainless steel are more durable, hard wearing and have greater longevity. They outlast plastic and compliment your kitchen in the most professional way. It is more hygienic and minimises odours and discolouration. ASKO dishwashers have a one-piece seam weld stainless steel liner and more stainless steel inside. Other parts made with steel are the spray arms, water connection, Flexiracks, wine glass holders, filters, ball bearing runners and a concealed heating element. An ASKO dishwasher will last you longer.

View our entire range here:
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Adam Liaw - The new face of ASKO

Adam Liaw is the new face of ASKO, and quite frankly – what a coup!

Adam is a very down to earth, practical and very relatable personality that has lived a little. He is not a chef that has grown up in a cooking bubble, as he gave up practicing law to follow his passion. It is this passion and hard work, that in 2010, Adam won the coveted award of Season 2 MasterChef winner.
Adam did not have any technical training, except for the training received from his loving grandmother in her kitchen. This could be considered the best apprenticeship of all.

Here is an insight into Adam’s philosophies, beliefs and ideas, with his repertoire of the 5 lessons he’s learnt since winning MasterChef.

Cooking is a basic skill of life

He cannot understand why people say they don’t have the time to cook when Australians spend an average of 4 hours a day watching TV or surfing the net. There is no better way of improving your quality of life mentally and physically, than to learn how to cook well.

I’m not a chef, and I don’t want to be

Cooking does not need to be left to those with technical training. Good food and good cooking is available to everyone. Home cooking is not second best to restaurant food – they are simply two different things. He just loves feeding his family and helping other do the same.

Simple is best

I cook in a far simpler fashion than I did 5 years ago. There is no correlation between how good something tastes and the difficulty in which it took to create. He rarely spends more than 20 minutes making dinner each night and credits being a better cook for it.

Seasoning is the most important part of making food taste good

Seasoning and flavouring are 2 different things. Seasoning is balancing 5 things. Salt, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. Flavouring is adding new flavours to a dish.

Food is fun

Cooking is easy and food is fun. Enough said.

Adam believes there are 10 things you should be able to cook by the time you’re 30. They include:

Scrambled eggs
Roast chicken
Stir fry
Something vegetarian
Fried rice
Good stew
A pasta that isn’t bolognaise
A signature cake

For more information, great recipes and resources, head over to Adam Liaw’s Kitchen here:
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Similar to everything else, knives come under the heading of “you pay for what you get”.

So you have just made a big investment in your kitchen renovation, or taken that next step and upgraded to that new oven, or even the new saucepans with the lifetime guarantee. But what about the knives?

There is nothing like the relief of using a good knife. It is akin to a “where have you been all my life?” moment.

The rule is BUY THE BEST YOU CAN AFFORD. German, Japanese and French steel are considered the better options among its peers.

Take the time and head into a couple homeware stores so you can try a couple of brands. Obviously they will try to sell you the most expensive they have in your price range, not necessarily the one that will suit your needs the best. Here’s a couple things to have in the back of your mind while you’re looking around:


• Make sure you look for something that’s curved at the end. This allows for the knife to rock for fine mincing.
• Make sure the knife has a good solid handle.
• 30cm total length and a blade of 20cm is comfortable for most people


Meat clever are designed for heavy duty work. It will cut through bones.

• Make sure when you grip the handle there is room for you to chop the piece of meat without you knuckles also banging down on the cutting board.
• Blade should be around 20cm long.
• Make sure the steel is running through the handle.


Used for cutting bread but can also be used for finely slicing vegetables such as lettuce or cabbage when a recipe calls for such veggies to be grated.

• Should have a serrated edge.
• 30cm total length with a 20cm blade - this should be comfortable for most people.


This is used to remove the meat from bones:

• This knife should be very stiff and the blade tapered to a fine point at the end.
• The curve of the blade creates greater control when making precise cuts.
• It should have a large non slip rubber handle with a steep finger divot so your finger does not slip onto the blade.
• 30cm total in length with a 15cm blade would be comfortable for most people.


This is used for intricate work and allows for greater control than a larger knife. It will generally have a flat or serrated edge.

• 20cm total in length with a 10cm blade


This requires a hard plastic handle with a large ring between the handle and blade to protect your fingers. You preferably want to pick a diamond steel.
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There are some common sense elements that set ASKO washing machines apart from the others. They may be small differences but isn’t that what always gives the frontrunners the edge apart from everyone else?

When it comes to home washers, ASKO takes what matters in a commercial machine and integrates those elements into a domestic format. For example


Steelseal is derived from commercial washing machine technology. Steelseal provides a more hygienic wash by removing rubber door seals that degrade over time, trapping dirt and grime.

Machines that have rubber seals attract a build up of residual detergent and water, therefore requiring wiping and cleaning. Washing machines with no rubber seals require no cleaning maintenance at all.

Clothes do not get stuck or drag over rubber seals.

Replacing or repairing rubber bellows can be costly and frustrating. A thing of the past with the ASKO washing machine.


The positioning of the edges of the drum combined with the hourglass shaped lifters, guide your washing to the centre of the drum. This creates less wear and tear on delicate items and creates better balance in the drum.

The larger evacuation holes on each side of the drum effectively clean the load and remove dirt and gravel from the machine, almost like a self-cleaning process to keep the bowl as clean as possible to produce a clean result for your clothes every time.


Most washing machines have two internal legs. ASKO’s Quattro system has four shock absorbing legs that make the machine incredibly quiet and eliminate a great deal of wear and tear on the unit due to the weight distribution. This translates into a longer life for the appliance.


Sensors within the machine intuitively process the size of your load and allow the minimum water required to effectively clean your load, saving water and energy, especially with smaller loads.

During initial water intake, the machines unique tumble then stop technology estimates the water level required before adding any more water to the wash. During the wash a series of sensors measure the absorption of water into the garments. Eg – synthetics require less water that cottons. So what does this all mean to you? Less water means less energy means less cost.
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Shaynna Blaze’s mantra is “I’m not here just to make your home pretty, but to solve problems and find solutions.”

Consulting Shaynna is like asking your Mum, you know you’ll get the answer but it might not be what you want to hear. Which is OK because thanks to Shaynna’s years of experience in so many different mediums, she will have a solution or suggestion to help you find your design nirvana.

Shaynna is a multi-award winning designer who has not only worked with residential space but commercial as well, so her feel for function and form on a grander scale is uncompromising.

She also works with retail spaces as well so with that vast body of work it can’t all be top end, Shaynna also knows how to work with a budget.

The Lifestyle’s channel most popular show, Selling Houses Australia, is headed up by Shaynna. Her style, professional influence and opinion, saw it ramp up for its eighth season in 2015.

Shaynna’s other TV contributions included the Morning Show, The Circle, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, The Renovators, and of course, The Block.

Shaynna cleverly uses the interactivity of her YouTube channel to help solve design problems and create ideas, whilst giving step by step instructions.

Shaynna has also written a fortnightly column in The Herald Sun and given insight in a monthly Q and A for the Lifestyle channel, with her articles often seen in Grand Designs Magazines. Other publications such as Elle, Vogue Living, Belle, Cosmo and Home Living also seek Shaynna advice on what’s new and upcoming within the design world.

Shaynna’s book in 2013 took the design world by storm. Design Your Home was so popular, a second book was commissioned. This was titled Design with Colour and Style and released in 2015.

Shaynna is a colour creative director and ambassador for Taubmans Australia, who are in partnership with Selling Houses Australia.

In 2013, Shaynna was commissioned by the iconic Molmic to design a furniture range. Elegant Muse was 100% designed and made in Melbourne. One World Collection is a lighting range Shaynna has also contributed to as well Attic World, who are an industry leader in designed overhead storage solutions for homes.

Shaynna also gives her time on judging panels, including the Reece Product Design of the Year Awards, as well as Home Designs, Green Interior Awards Australian Living. In 2014, she also launched her rug collection, Textured Coast by Shaynna Blaze, and has also partnered with Enjoy on her flameless candles, The Shaynna Blaze Signature Collection.

Have we mentioned Shaynna is also an accomplished Jazz Singer? She performed at the Carols by Candlelight charity in 2014.

Shaynna takes a no nonsense common sense approach to designing, working with what is in style and what will suit a space, budget and lifestyle. She partners with companies that align with her ethos and gives back to the design community in many and varied ways.

Shaynna is a design powerhouse and creative genius. ASKO is proud to be aligned with her and delighted to have her style a lucky winner’s kitchen. To find out how, head over to our competition page:
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What makes a rangehood functional and practical? It is probably the last thing on the list when building or renovating your kitchen. After all, it’s not very exciting and they all do the same thing, right? Wrong.

When you look at a rangehood what do you see? Sure, something that looks aesthetically pleasing, but what does it do? How does it work? You might think the answers are simple but you really need to think about your use of a rangehood and not just something that looks good over your cooktop.

If you look at rangehoods when you go into different houses you may notice something. The canopy does not always cover the entire cooktop. This means, smoke, particles, odours and grease are not being sucked up by the rangehood. They are going into nooks and crannies in the kitchen and creating grease grim on the top of surfaces, maybe on top of your hanging cupboards or window sills, or curtains. If you stand on you bench and look above what you would normal see you will experience a new world of grime you didn’t even know was there. This is what a canopy that doesn’t match the size of the cook top creates.

ASKO’s rangehood range has been designed with all the functionality required to eliminate the things you can’t see. They are whisper quiet and effectively remove smoke, odours and airborne grease.

ASKO has AirLogic technology that maximises the rangehoods’ function. A rangehood without this system only extracts in the middle near the motor. It also cannot process cooking vapours.

The effective extraction of the vapours with ASKO rangehoods comes from the unique graded hole pattern. Close to the motor, the holes are small, the further away from the motor, the holes are larger. This allows for constant extraction across the whole filter.

An LED indicator will show when the grease filter needs cleaning or replacing. The high quality filters are made from solid stainless steel and are conveniently dishwasher safe. The long life carbon filter works 10 times as long as a regular filter. Carbon also neutralises odours.

The EDM motor is powerful, sustainable and quiet due to the sound insulation and solid construction.

Apart from their incredible practicality and user friendliness, they are designed to look sleek and splendid to compliment any kitchen cooking area.
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Best roast chicken............ever!

Three simple approaches to making the best roast chicken in an ASKO steam oven, prepared by our very own brand ambassador, Adam Liaw.
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A woman of many talents, Shaynna Blaze's career has spanned interior design and even entertainer and jazz singer. A qualified Interior Designer, Shaynna has created amazing interiors in both residential and commercial spaces for many years. ASKO are giving you the chance to learn how you can create the kitchen you've always wanted with this amazing prize:
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