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[bvblogic] is a technology development company with a passion for innovation.
[bvblogic] is a technology development company with a passion for innovation.

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🔹184 700+ software developers
🔹4000+ tech companies
🔹100+ Fortune 500 companies have chosen Ukrainian
IT services
🔹$290M startup investments in 2018
🔹2nd largest export industry in 2018
#UNITCity has presented a new Tech Ecosystem Guide to Ukraine. Enjoy! #bvblogic #techindustry #Ukraine

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Congratulations to our colleagues, friends, and partners from the USA with Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

#bvblogic #MLKDay #USA

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Imagine yourself being a CEO, Co-founder or CTO of #fuel stations network. Do you think you need a #mobile app in 2019? Absolutely! Here are a few important reasons for creating a mobile application:
▪️an introduction of a loyalty program;
▪️being one step ahead of your competitors;
▪️keeping up with the latest innovations in the digital world.

Read about our experience of creating a mobile application for a well-known fuel retailer #SOCAR.

#bvblogic #loyaltyprogram #innovations

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🎉 А ми розпочали свою роботу в 2019 році з приємностей.

🤝 Минулої п'ятниці ми зустрілися з трьома активними та талановитими учасниками нашої платформи, чиї ідеї на челенджі "Інновації в логістиці" та "Способи швидкого виклику офіціантів" були відібрані експертним журі та передані на фінальний розгляд клієнту.

🎁 Нам було неймовірно цікаво познайомитися та поспілкуватися з хлопцями, дізнатися більше про них та їхні інтереси, і звісно, вручити їм заслужені подарунки.

🙋‍♂️ А ми з нетерпінням чекаємо, щоб в цьому році зустрітися з кожним з вас.

💡 Переглядайте наші відкриті челенджі, пропонуйте ваші ідеї і давайте вирішувати проблеми бізнесу разом!

💪 Let's Solve Great Challenges!

#bvblogic #challenges #winners #2k19

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2019 prepares many revolutionary gifts for the owners and clients of retail businesses. So we've prepared an article, in which collected the most popular trends in #retail that will come to the fore in 2019: Augmented Reality, #SmartCart, Internet of Things, Robots, Buy-and-Go technologies.
And now we would like to share it with you. Enjoy it!

#bvblogic #innovations #trends #2019year #AR #IoT

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If you ever have a desire to be helpful for society, a brand or some people, but you didn't know where to start - don't worry, we have a great solution for you.
We are happy to announce 👉 P.aid – the new revolutionary way to engage companies and active performers in socially important projects. One of our success stories for your convenience is now available in the form of an article.

#bvblogic #PAID #projects #successstories

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We, at #bvblogic, would like to congratulate from the bottom of our hearts all of the company's clients, customers, partners, and friends all around the world and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

#merrychristmas #happynewyear2019

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🎖#bvblogic company has been included in the list of TOP 100 Software Development Companies by the #Manifest - a business news and how-to website that compiles and analyzes practical business wisdom for innovators, entrepreneurs, small and mid-market businesses. Wonderful news at the end of the weekend.

#achievement #top #business #IT

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Every day in the Sales & Marketing Department of an IT company is extremely dynamic - we receive numerous requests from clients, and sometimes they may be confusing for us. So, we have identified some widespread problems and prepared an article, in which we described these issues. We have also suggested recommendations who do you need on every stage in the creation of your successful project.

Read It, Share It, Enjoy It!

#bvblogic #development #solutions #technologies #TechCarrotHub

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