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Oooh nasty PayPal scam alert! 

Klaxon!  Klaxon!

Just got notification of a paypal payment.  As I had not made one, I clicked on to the 'open a dispute' link at the bottom, and guess what?

It takes you to a page that looks exactly like PayPal's, but isn't.  The address in the bar at the top is wrong!  It begins 'proplaystation' and will steal your log-in details.

This, and only this, is the correct address:

You have been warned!

Feel free to share....

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This is amazing. If you don't know Fee's work, go and have a look. It's amazing.
Loving the Image Blender App ! 

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Bigging up a company that has provided me with beautiful, good quality clothes that fit perfectly i.e. are the size they should be because I KNOW what size I am.

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I never thought I'd do a # on here, but as it's for #musicmonday .....

I see your 'Blank Generation', +Fergus Martin , and raise you with The Normal - Warm Leatherette .

And I've gone public...... (Hello Neil! \o/)

Ok, this is wierd. Since joining google+, one of the people I chat to regularly on google keeps defaulting to 'block'. It's nothing I do. Every time I closegoogle it happens, and sometimes even if I don't close google. Has anyone else had this problem?
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