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Hi all.  Excited to see a diving community on G+.  I moved to Northern California earlier this year from New Jersey.  I've been diving for about 9 years now.  While I miss the wrecks of the east coast, Monterey Bay is beautiful and I'm getting a lot more reliable chances to practice the photography.

My wife and I try to get to Monterey at least each month.  I'm interested in meeting some "light technical" (TDI AN/DP, 150' max, 1 deco gas, etc) divers in the area to get some use out of my doubles.

My wife and I also take 1-2 tropical trips a year and are looking forward to our first trip to Hawaii in March.

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(phone) pics from my comically beautiful ride from San Francisco to Tiburon.  What an amazing ride so close to the city.
June 2, 2012
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The keepers from this months trip to Cozumel.

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It's official, we'll be moving to San Francisco! We're very excited about the move. I'll be working near Market & 3rd and it's not clear yet where my wife will be working (hopefully the city, but could be nearly anywhere in the bay area). What neighborhoods should we consider?

We will have one car but hope to use it mostly for weekend excursions, so convenient public transit is important. The ability to walk to a good grocery store and farmers market is high on the list. We'd prefer a balcony/deck/shared yard and some secured storage for dive gear/bike/etc. While we'd like it to be fairly quiet, we're moving from a busy street and a noisy building in Hoboken, NJ so that definition is definitely relative. We have about 850 square feet now in a non-ideal layout; a 2nd bedroom or room for an air mattress is ideal but not necessarily a show-stopper. We haven't set a budget yet, but the less absurd the better.

I'll almost certainly do a short term rental somewhere in or near SOMA until my wife joins me and we may end up renting an in-laws place in the Mission (though parking and "space" does concern me there). We have a 'relocation tour' coming up when we get there for vacation next week, where should we make sure to consider?

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Do Marine Protected Areas work?

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Sad news, I still have my copy of "The C Programming Language" from college. As someone on Hacker News said:

"If you have used technology of any sort over the last few decades there's a pretty decent chance that you've used technology that Steve Jobs had a significant impact on. But the chances are 100.00% that you've used technology Dennis Ritchie has had a deeply profound impact on."
I just heard that, after a long illness, Dennis Ritchie (dmr) died at home this weekend. I have no more information.

I trust there are people here who will appreciate the reach of his contributions and mourn his passing appropriately.

He was a quiet and mostly private man, but he was also my friend, colleague, and collaborator, and the world has lost a truly great mind.

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Shots from a long weekend in Monterey & Santa Cruz counties.
CA-2011 (14 photos)
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Man, I love The Onion.
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