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I have been wondering about this for a while.

BBC News - Could world social unrest come to America's streets?
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I hope not, since I've noticed people I disagree with politically tend to have more guns than me.
Middle class America does need to revolt against a congress that seems intent on looking after Billionaires and Millionaires.
Hmm.. there is not much press coverage of this occupation/protest in the media. I found this:

Which isn't surprising coverage since it's the democracy now folks.

Interestingly, I saw a movie recently called 'think of me.' It's about a desperate single mom in Vegas trying to figure out how to make ends meat. The relevant connection is that she seemed quite isolated -- like even if she wanted to protest the horrible situation she is in (which is certainly not completely her doing) she wouldn't have the support of friends or any notion of how she might make her plight heard.

The spirit of individualism in the USA can become a particularly dangerous form of isolation in desperate times.
I don't know if it's the spirit of individualism that does us in -- though that's a very kind view of us. I think it's more a lot of other factors like: (1) size / spread-out-ness of a lot of the country; (2) lack of culture of political discourse whereby people come to a consensus to act combined with (3) lack of top down organization, especially on the left (admittedly, we do have big corporation-funded tea party protesters o the right); and (4) lack of a clearly identified "enemy" in most cases. (It's harder to organize against a situation, i.e. bad economic circmstances or even the existence of evil, but ultimately faceless, corporations than it is to organize against a specific individual like Mubarak or Gaddafi.)

I'm not sure I'd like to see us become a Greece where one could argue populist street protesters hold the government hostage and prevent it from functioning in ways that would be ultimately good for the economy. But a little bit more political discourse and action certainly wouldn't hurt us none.
While we have seen an Arab Spring, we are also seeing a Corprorate spring, Mobarak was the first dictator to fall who will be the first CEO to fall - Netflix, BoA, Microsoft...
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