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Daisy Stanton was tagged in Omar Khan's album.

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wow. that's beyond mordor
45 Most Powerful Images of 2011

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jian ghomeshi on Q just did an interview with Edward Champion about QR Markham's massive plagiarizing in Assassins of Secrets. there was some discussion of QR's work as remixing, or the assembling of different parts of previous works to create something new and exciting. and indeed, this is supposedly an exciting novel. kirkus review named it one of the best books of the year. and there have been other glowing reviews. of course, little brown, the publisher, has recalled all the copies since the plagiarizing was discovered.

as most of us likely know, remixing (with appropriate crediting and payments) is fairly common in music. girl talk took this to the extreme and basically made his career out of this.

anyway, so i started reading around, and i liked this quote from an essay on the daily telegraph:

"What next? Will Quentin Rowan – QR Markham – slink into ignominious obscurity or will he brave it out, defending his work as an exercise in postmodernism taken to its logical extreme? That way celebrity might lie. He should give it a go."

i actually wouldn't mind reading this book, and so i hope publishers and authors might consider how such books, appropriately credited and perhaps with licensing fees if the takes are gigantic, could actually be published and shared.
anyone have thoughts on this?

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i started learning about rogue waves and giant waves after watching some videos along these lines. this is ridiculously amazing and just scary to watch.
This 90 foot wave is currently believed to be the largest wave ever ridden. This ride just happened yesterday. :-) I'm still struggling with the 2 footers in Waikiki :-)

I've read and heard the doctor speak on various subjects. He's an inspiring and thoughtful person. Lay speaking, I can see the potential upsides of using psychadelics in life. Using it for handling addiction .. not something I'd heard of. The show on Thursday describing his work should be interesting.

Up On The Roof by Rockapella on Grooveshark for Android:

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i like this. having experienced the bikes lanes that move to the left or right-turning car traffic, i totally know it can feel very dangerous. i have been almost hit by cars that cut me off as they turn into the right turn lane in that crossover zone.
Interesting video about how to design safer intersections for cyclists and pedestrians that use no added space versus the traditional US-spec intersection. Go Dutch traffic engineers!

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i remember doing back-of-the-envelope calculations regarding the number of vehicles at burning man, but this high resolution image:

(what i've posted is a small zoom in) could probably be processed to get a very good estimate (or crowd sourced, and people could tag all kinds of random things).

I have been wondering about this for a while.

BBC News - Could world social unrest come to America's streets?
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