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God Sent Me
God Sent Me

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Brian Miller hung out with 1 person.Steven Taylor

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Country music in the house!

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I tried Facebook for a relatively short time and ultimately left primarily because of the incessant privacy issues and concerns. Zuckerberg calling Facebuck Facebook users "Dumb Fucks" for trusting that privacy would be respected did not help to sway me into staying either. Personally speaking, social media is enabling a rampant 'over sharing' of information that need not and should not be shared. I could go on about this but will stop here in deference to brevity.

Now Google announces a global sharing of all data and personalization of services? Seriously? When I enter a search term into Google I expect the results to be genuine, in the scope of the 'old' algorithm where the most relevant results or highest trending or most hits etc.. are listed first and in descending order of sites. With this new implementation (which has already been slowly implemented without the official announcement), Google will list results it presumes I might be interested in based on data gleaned from all of my web interaction with Google services.

I am vehemently against this. I believe that my days of using Google and Google+ are either numbered or I will force myself to make a drastic change in the usage of said services. Will likely return to alternative search engines and other email providers.

Thank you Facebook Google... ahhh, what's the difference anymore?

Government projects move so slowly...

Fort Lewis, Washington

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URGENT WARNING Sharing or Dissemination of ANY Pictures of President Obama will result in Federal Prosecution!*
Look at this Disclaimer on a NASA Picture of President Obama JUST POSTED! DO NOT SHARE or Email any Article featuring an Image of President Obama! Do Not Share postings like this! US Government Materials USED to be in the Public Domain! NO LONGER!
IT'S A CRIME! Do Not Share on Google+ or Facebook or ANYWHERE! QUOTE:" The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not otherwise be reproduced, disseminated or broadcast, without the written permission of the White House Photo Office. "
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