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Everyone point and laugh at @MaryLandrieu being ABANDONED by Democrats in Louisiana runoff!!

As if conservatives needed any more reason to laugh at Democrats massive failure this election, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee has pulled nearly two million dollars they were going to put into television ads in Louisiana to support Mary Landrieu…

Barack Obama - 2012
Barack Obama - 2008
Vladimer Putin - 2007
Ayatullah Khomeini - 1979
Jimmy Carter - 1976
Nikita Krushchev - 1957
Joseph Stalin - 1942
Joseph Stalin - 1939
Adolf Hitler - 1938
Interesting, both Obama & Stalin made it on the list twice!

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`Yep,@BarackObama's#ArabSpring (#Caliph) is going as planned! Wait until commercial airplanes start falling from the sky because of the MPADS #obama smuggled to the Terrorists #Benghazi. #tcot

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`I think this "onion" is rotten to the core all the way down to the Crackoon and his bumbling side-kick Biden the "Chicago Machine" got re-elected. You can start peeling off the skin & I'm sure that most of the Obama Administration could be charged ranging from Fraud, Grand Theft, Collusion, Conspiracy (including the murder of Federal Agent), Dereliction of duty causing death of subordinate, Perjury & Treason.

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>Fancy this! ELECTION FRAUD 2012 testimony video! This still doesn't explain all of the OHIOANS that physically went to the polls on election day found out they already EARLY VOTED or VOTED ABSENTEE and had to vote provisionally @ the polling places, but as you know their (provisional) vote and military votes will never be counted.

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.If you have a Twitter account send this story to @GovChristie
People have to suffer needlessly because some fat ass goon is counting all the recovery money their Local will make. h/t +Bay State Conservative News 

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Conspiracy to commit murder of a Federal Agent in Arizona (Brian Terry) and now aiding and abetting the enemy & conspiracy to murder in Benghazi. Will the POTUS be charged, prosecuted and executed for Capital crimes and other aggravated circumstances on two side of the globe?

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Hey Barry have you found an exile country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the USA? I bet an ex-SEAL will find you! Bye-Bye
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