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Colin White

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Jiggley Boat
Growing up on the coast, we acquired several small boats over the years. Boats ranging from heavy wooden rowing boats, to powerboats, to sailing trimarans came and went, but one boat in particular stands out. Although the trimaran was great for novelty, it ...

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Character Design – Ski boots
Bit more work on my backcountry skier  character.

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Watch Tower
Some more digital painting fun.

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Mountain Pass
Created this following a fantastic Digital Tutors tutorial by artist Jonas De Ro.

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Watch Tower (WIP)
Started a new digital painting and thought I'd share my work in process.

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Amphibious‏ Go-kart
Collieston is built on the perfect hill for hosting the annual go-kart race; it's steep, but not too steep, twisty but not too twisty and there's very little traffic on the road. Given the fact we would always have a full years notice, you'd think we'd be a...

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Monkey Tail Crucifix
Collieston’s harbour opens into the wide expanse of the cold and grey North Sea. In winter the village is battered by arctic winds and huge swells which slowly carve out great chunks of its small concrete pier. Further out to sea, oil workers on the rigs ar...

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Under the Sea
Growing up in a village with population
259, you had to be pretty creative when coming up with ideas to pass the time.  This often led to many ill advised adventures
and shenanigans, that were perfect for warding off boredom. One such day while sitting in R...

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Character Design – Ski Bindings
Been getting on to some of the more technical elements of the ski character I'm designing. Had great fun modelling these in Maya and finishing the detail with brush before finally rendering them with Keyshot.

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Free Wood Grain Brush
Been a while since i've made any Photoshop brushes, really pleased how this one turned out. Feel free to download it from my  deviantART page. Watch this space more coming soon.
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