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Thomas Muyunga
I enjoy travel, writing, reading and eating. Just eating!
I enjoy travel, writing, reading and eating. Just eating!

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Prophet Kakande of Uganda: Coins The Term "Lesbianism" and Heals It
Pastor Kakande Samuel is a renowned Prophet in Uganda he is part of the religious who have used spiritual avenues to create comprehensive development for all people. In the case of his flock he guides them to share in the: opportunity to see a man whose tho...

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Genesis: A love-hate Story
Genesis brings out five aspects for me: God’s power to create; prevailing power of God; God, the garden of Eden, animals and humans; dialogues between humans and God and their outcomes; and the outcomes of different forms of curses and blessings. The benevo...

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Public Service, Spirituality, Leadership, Social Justice and How I can Use Then for My Personal and Professional Goals
                   Public service is both a system and a deliverable. Through this community members seek to present what they can to promote good and quality life in their communities. Public service is also a mechanism through which those with needs can m...

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Of the partition of Africa, Islamic Halaal butcheries, Banyankore diary preservation, Baganda hospitality and Museveni’s indigenization of sense of security in Uganda; denouncing wrongs but setting records right
Politics in Africa is a lesson book for many aspects that many appreciate quietly or dispute noisily. Africa was divided up into economic plots by those who met between 1884-1885 at the Berlin Conference to provide a working understand and an opportunity to...

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Computerizing medicalized health; Lessons for Africa
It all depends. What gaps do we need to close ? It is like pointing out the real purpose of having  a car which does 350 MPH. In very rare occasions does one need to get the gauge to 350 MPH! The same applies to the internet! It will be very useful when it ...

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Anger among Ugandans has nothing to do with President Y.K. Museveni; it has everything to do with expectations out of the Oil
It is symptomatic, it is historical, it is cumulative and has been undiagnosed since 1962. The fuel is:  internal unrest between 1966-1971, the debauched war to topple Amin, the international embargo against Uganda during Amin's regime, the devaluation of t...

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Uplifting words have prophetic and catalytic empowerment; sayer beware
We need about 10,000 or more of us to indeed find time to read and write about Africa. We need that critical narrative by Africans about Africa and the World.  Sometimes I wonder if the term "poor" has not corrupted some of us into complacency. Uplifting wo...

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Text-book America, Hollywood America meets Street Level America; An African Immigrant’s Testimony
Five years gone by, it seems like yesterday. It was a hot July with the sun’s dancing beams reflecting fiercely off plane fuselages, that I landed at Washington DC’s Dulles Airport. I reminisce about that day. I also reminisce about the firsts, the onlys, t...

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Religion and Personal Culture influence the way I relate and communicate with other people
As a practicing Roman Catholic, I have had the chance to follow Pope Francis from the day he ascended to Papacy and I embraced his philosophy of: making opportunities available even to those were previously shunned.The Pope says that we should walk together...
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