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Foods That Make Your Brain Smile
We know the power of Alzheimer’s disease and its effects on an individual’s entire family. While there is much advancement in medicine and technology, we continue to see the number of people being affected by the disease rise consistently. Still, there are always steps we can take to protect our minds.

As Medical Daily states, the answer to brain health may be in the simplest ingredients we have. The nutrients that the following food offers can help our cognitive abilities and provide protection against dementia and Alzheimers:

• Beets
• Berries
• Salmon
• Kale

As you can see, all four are wholesome, raw ingredients that pack a powerful nutritional punch. Caregivers, be sure to include these foods for your seniors so they can live long and well!

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Aging’s Health Obstacles

We’ve seen that every stage of life brings its own benefits and hardships. When we’re teenagers, we have the energy to conquer the world, but we’re insecure and unsure of where we’re heading. When we’re in our twenties and thirties, we still have a good amount of ambition, yet we face a whole new world of responsibility. In our golden years, we have the wisdom life brings, but our bodies begin to give us problems.

Whether you’re actually in those later years or you’re a caregiver for an aging loved one, it can be helpful to understand just what these health challenges are.

Everyday Health explains some of the common obstacles seniors face on a daily basis.

• Arthritis. We’re actually seeing this in even younger generations these days, but arthritis is by far the most common disease that people over 65 years old struggle with. Joint pain and stiffness can throttle one’s activities and impede their lifestyle. While there is no complete remedy, there are several treatments that can at least soften arthritis’ painful blow.
• Heart Disease. The lead killer of adults over 65 in the US, heart disease is very common and lethal. High-blood pressure, high cholesterol, and clogged arteries are seemingly benign conditions that can truly damage a person when they get older.
• Shingles. Seniors were around before there was a chicken pox vaccine and as such, they’re susceptible to Shingles. Rashes and blisters appear causing severe pain. On a positive note, this one actually has a cure.
• Falls. As we get older, our balance becomes slightly off and as a result, we are more susceptible to fall, especially in a high-risk zone like a bathroom.

It is important to understand the problems the elderly face. Given the right care and support, however, we can help our aging loved ones enjoy life more than ever.

What are your thoughts on how we can help seniors with these challenges? Let me know below!

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A Possible Source For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There was a time when medical professionals quickly dismissed chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) as nonsense. Next Avenue's article shares Dr. Jose Montoya's days as a medical student in the 1990's when he was instructed to turn away CFS patients. Now, things are changing, and medical professionals are paying attention to the disease, and analyzing its effects. CFS is a condition that affects an individual's energy levels, making them constantly tired. New research discovered that the cause of this might be a bacterium that is native to a person's gut. This was discovered when researchers noticed the gut micro-biome of someone with CFS is different than a healthy person. Stomach and gastrointestinal issues have been commonly associated with CFS. This may be the cause of an infection, and while there are many varieties of bacteria to study, this is a major step forward in the medical world.

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We are starting a monthly Alzheimer's & Dementia Support Group. We will meet the first Wednesday of every month, beginning April 5th.
If your family member or loved one suffers from either of these illnesses, make plans to join us! We'd love to see you & share insightful tips.
Call 727-848-0151 to schedule Respite Care while you're in the meeting.

6 Fun Activities for Caregivers and Seniors

It's not always easy to find entertaining things to do with your aging loved one. Whether they have physical impairments or they're unable to grasp new and complicated concepts, it can be a challenge to find just the right activity. Well, here's good news. Caregivers have some fun and fairly inexpensive options at their disposal. Check out these 6 fun activities that your aging loved one will enjoy.

Scrapbooking - Arts and crafts are always fun, but what better way to mix creativity and nostalgia than with scrapbooking? They can create new memory-based layouts and enjoy looking at old photographs.

Audiobooks - Reading is always an excellent hobby, but even large print books can be difficult for some seniors to see. Audiobooks are relaxing and easy alternatives that seniors can enjoy. Immerse them into a new story or a classic tale.

Clubs - Just because your elders are old doesn't mean they don't want to socialize. There are many community-based clubs and organizations where they can meet new people. Whether it's a religious organization, Kiwanis club, or even knitting group, there's a place for everyone.

Media apps - Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, oh my! With today's technology, your aging loved one can listen to their favorite songs or dive into a brand new show.

Nature walks - Few things are as relaxing and therapeutic as a quiet nature walk. Caregivers and seniors alike will find solace and joy in taking a break from it all and just taking a stroll.

Going out for entertainment - Movies, live shows, and even concerts aren't completely out of the question for some seniors. Visiting local landmarks and attractions are also great ways to get your senior out and about. Don't forget, just because they're a little older, doesn't mean they're any less fun!

Caregiving can be not only rewarding, it can be fun. As you spend time with you senior, you will develop last memories and strengthen your relationship. As always, enjoy every moment you have with them and be as patient as possible.

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Try an incredibly simple shrimp scampi dish tonight! Get the #recipe: @FoodNetwork #dinnerideas

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How Virtual Reality Could Help Seniors

It’s the next step everybody is expecting technology to make. Virtual reality is coming in ways that not even science fiction writers could’ve imagined. We’re going to be able to mold virtual 3D sculptures and enter digital worlds. Most of that is years away but it is being developed. However, Samsung, LG, Oculus, and other companies are creating virtual reality systems that could be in your living room very soon. Senior Housing News explains that two grad students from MIT are trying to make it so seniors can benefit from this groundbreaking technology.

The article explains that the MIT students Reed Hayes and Dennis Lally have developed software that works with Samsung’s Gear VR system so seniors can experience environments and events like never before. They’d be able to see places they weren’t able to visit in their younger years or revisit places that they knew as children. They’ve been trying it out at a few senior living communities and are excited to share their invention. Hayes explains to Senior Housing News that while users have the opportunity to see whole different countries, even outer space, they’ve seen the most emotional impact when they can take them in front of their childhood homes.

The future is bright and the opportunities are infinite. Innovators like Hayes and Lally are taking great strides in providing ways for seniors to enjoy every moment. We can’t wait to see how we can make each resident’s life a little brighter!

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World Wide Cuisines That Promote Longevity

All around the word, food is ingrained in every culture. No matter where you go, people take pride in their dishes, recipes, and ingredients. Unsurprisingly, we all receive a variety of nutritional benefits, some more than others. Could we achieve long, healthier lives through our cuisine?
Check out the following countries and how they use food for improved health, courtesy of CNN Health:
• Japan - Japanese cuisine is known notoriously known for its health-centric food. Heavy on vegetables, just the right amount of protein, and low in calories.
• Costa Rica - This food is loaded with energizing ingredients such as beans and meats, and tasty plantains. While not as lean as Japanese foods, Costa Rican dishes are delicious and nutritious.
• Greek - Fish, dairy, olive oil, vegetables, and fruits are the main elements of Greek cuisine. These ingredients are nutritional powerhouses that can benefit someone of any age.
• California - California has crafted a particular type of diet, loaded with organics. Fruits and vegetables such as avocados, citrus, and berries are always great additions to your diet.
Branch out! Try these various types of cuisines, and you may enjoy more energy, nutrition, and strength.

Keeping Seniors Cool

Making your aging loved ones cool isn’t putting them in a leather jacket and sunglasses. Here in Florida, that sunny weather can be dangerous during these summer months. Every year we see terrible news of seniors passing away due to the harsh heat. How can you protect them without keeping them inside for the next four months? Family Caregiver Alliance has some great ways.

• Wear light clothing in both fabric and color. It is important that their skin can breathe, instead of being stifled under heavy garments.
• Air conditioning, fans, and cooling fabric that stays cold when wet can be lifesavers in and out of the house.
• Keep hydrated! Perhaps one of the most important rules of all, keeping seniors considerably hydrated is vital to getting through the summer months.
• After heading outside for the day, cool showers can be a nice way to lower temperatures.
• Sunscreen is very important when venturing outside, even for just a little while.
• Speaking of “a little while”, keep time outside limited and in the morning or evening.

Even though summer is coming, we don’t have to suffer from the blistering weather. If the right precautions are taken, there can still be fun in the sun during the golden years.

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