Last chance training is on! It's time to get physical as the contestants find out what it takes to be on top. Don't forget to catch up before Sunday's thrilling episode @

With the bar being raised each week, who do you think will fall below the yellow line this Sunday?
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its so good 2 c people coming out of their shells that they have been in 4 so long and admitting they have a problem go all the contestants we r all behind u
hmmm...definitely Alex! Loving this sad it is almost over. That's saying something because I don't watch much TV!
I reckon Lydia's gonna win this thing. Don't like Margie
Margie's great but Lydia has got this Biggest Loser title just within her grasp. Although, the person I want to win is Alex because he trains hard physically and mentally. Does anyone understand that?
Haha. I love the thing Alex does with his mouth!! Cracks me up:D 
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