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One Happy Chick on a Colourful Design Mission
One Happy Chick on a Colourful Design Mission

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8 Inspirational Stories Of A Happy Garden
  source I am really into gardening lately and what with the Chelsea Flower Show currently on at the moment I thought I would share with you once again some inspirational stories to achieve a Happy Garden... Once upon a time, there was a sunny patch of land...

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Outdoor Dining Spaces
SOURCE Outdoor Dining Spaces... That'll Make The Neighbours Drool Now that summer is nearly upon us, the time has come to start thinking seriously about how to put our gardens to good use. Spring is coming to an end, so most of the gardening is now done. Al...

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Garden Your Way To Summer
Image source Garden Your Way To Summer: A Guide To Update Your Garden Quickly We can all be a little guilty of letting time escape us and being so full of routine and daily life, that we can forget to enjoy some of the simpler things life has to offer. Gett...

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Banish the Bathroom Blues
source Did you know that doing your bathroom up will increase the overall value of your property by around 4%? Even if the cost and effort of improving your bathroom have been putting you off; that increase in property value should make you see things diffe...

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Get your Home Summer Ready
The home can sometimes feel quite dreary as Winter ends and Summer approaches. You may feel like you need to spruce it up, make it brighter throughout and ensure it looks ready for garden relaxation and hot days in your home. There are all kinds of things y...

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Garden Glamour: Designing A Nostalgic Vibe
Garden Glamour: Designing A Space With A Nostalgic Vibe Do you feel like you were born at the wrong time? Perhaps you are a gal who wishes she still lived in the swinging sixties or flower power seventies? Personally I love the style of the 1940’s and 50’s....

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Fresh Summer Party Ideas
Prepare for Summer With These Fresh Party Ideas Summer is on its way and with it comes a scorching hot sun and an excuse to get outside more. Parties are one of the most enjoyable ways to spend the summer. They can last from morning till night and with the ...

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Homes That Flourish In The Summer
Sunny Side Up : Homes That Flourish in The Summer The days are getting longer, air is getting warmer and some of us unlucky folk are dealing with all the allergies the bright seasons bring around. But besides that, Summer should be a time that we all look f...

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Vintage Caravan Pictures for Inspiration
Even though I no longer own a Vintage Caravan, I still love to look at them at every opportunity! Pinterest is a good source to find interesting pictures and also typing the subject into Google brings up some pretty amazing pictures too...But just lately, I...

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Get Your Vegetable Patch Off To A Great Start!
source Starting your own vegetable patch is a great way to get more out of your garden , and save a lot of money in the process. That £5 tomato plant you bring home can easily provide you with several kilograms over the course of a growing season. Aside fro...
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