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Tattoo Seminar
Teaching the business behind the art.
Teaching the business behind the art.

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Tattoo make me feel ________

In a recent survey in 2010, it was found that a quarter of the Australian population under the age of 30 sported a tattoo. Tattoos have evolved with growing intercultural influences and now could be interpreted as a sign of religious belief, a declaration of love, a status symbol, or just as a form of adornment.

In June of 1914, Irish woman Queenie Morris appeared with both legs and arms completely covered in tattoos at London’s Earls Court. Her tattooist was the famed Prof. Joseph Kilbride.

Tattoo Seminar teaching the business behind the art of tattooing , For artist and tattoo shop owners thats looking to create a long lasting profitable company. if you or seeking knowledge on how to govern your tattoo parlors , increase your skill set and grow you career this is a start in the right direction .

1.Be prepared to shell out some significant dollars for a tattoo. Tattoos under an inch cost between $50 and $100. Imagine what that full-back design would go for

I have _How many ?____

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Wally Hammond, famed Australian tattoo artist, passed away on September seventh, 1992 in Noosa in the Sunshine State. Wally was one of the first to set up a professional tattooing shop on the Kings Cross of Sydney, New South Wales and was indeed a tattoo artist whom many other tattoo artists looked up to
The reason we are in business is to help tattoo artist and tattoo shops owners govern there small business into success. This website is designed to help grow your company as you grow your career.
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