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I do not understand why people tolerate DRM like in diablo 3 or simcity. Constant online requirement should only be for one genre of game, MMO, as it is an inherent part of it. Without other people in a MMO it quickly becomes boring as hell whereas with diablo or simcity the single player was amazing through the series.
Frank Gibeau really hit me in the bollocks when he said "SimCity started out and felt like an MMO more than anything else and it plays like an MMO.", now im sorry I have watched simcity gameplay and seen reviews of it, and I have a decade of playing MMOs and I got to say simcity is no MMO. It is a single player game given a crappy DRM which in no way improves gameplay.
Good DRM (if there is such a thing) is like Steam or Starcraft 2, you authorize it all online once then you can be disconnected from the internet and still bloody play. If you guys need me to go online once to say "hey I paid for this" then i am happy to oblige cos I enjoy your game/games/service, but if your saying "hey you brought a £40 game and now stay online constantly to play it please" then you will not be getting my business.
I am aware that pirates are a problem but like many many many people have said and repeated, you do not help matters screwing over your damn customers. One example is iTunes, it costs money but because its so damn easy to use people would rather use it then limewire for music. If you put crappy DRM in your games which pirates have and will crack then the pirates will get the most business.
I have been forced to not buy several games because of DRM that I did not agree with, the various ubisoft games like settlers and assassins creeds, diablo 3 and basically anything that requires Origin or Uplay.
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