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Wayne Palmer
An Authentic Lean/Agile Transformation Consultant
An Authentic Lean/Agile Transformation Consultant

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My new baby boy Dax was born today.

Not often I am speechless, but when I am I like Sigur Ros to infill.

Have just demolished some carbs ready for the Melbourne Marathon tomorrow...desperately want to break 4 hours so I can tick it off my "list of random shit I want to do"...however just recovering from an ear infection is not the greatest prep really.

Agh well, hit the streets tomorrow and see how we go! 

Curse of modern technology #498: was streaming old episodes of QI to my phone while waiting for my tram. Tram came and went without me.

This never happened with a paperback.

Starting work at Telstra tomorrow! Am looking forward to meeting my new team...always a bundle of (good) nerves at this moment - just want to start being helpful :)

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I love the number of random bookshops in Melbourne, all packed with good advice...

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I love this guys empirical spirit:
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