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Amy Cowen
Writer and online community manager at Science Buddies.
Writer and online community manager at Science Buddies.

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+Verizon FiOS  helps support #STEM education today by donating $0.01 to non-profit +Science Buddies  for each view of short #IronMan3 footage. Please share. #FiOSIM3   

See Science Buddies "Iron Man: Behind the Science" to engage students in STEM discussion/exploration by hooking science to the Iron Man storyline! 

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New Iron Man 3 trailer on the Verizon FiOS site today. It's a short peek, but for those of us awaiting the release! Plus, your view helps support a science non-profit. #FiOSIM3 

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Tomorrow we'll be unveiling one final exclusive Iron Man 3 trailer. Every view will help raise money for the +Science Buddies charity. Come back tomorrow to watch the newest footage!

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Science for student Iron Man fans: Meet your students where they are in pop culture. Tie Iron Man to hands-on #science exploration to spark interest in scientific inquiry, #robotics, physics, #engineering, and more. 

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Ways for students to get at science related to Iron Man...  
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