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Crystals to Assist the First/Root Chakra
Crystals to Assist
the First/Root Chakra                 Many
people have heard of the term: Chakra. There are seven major chakra points in
your physical body where energy flows into you, affecting you physically,
emotionally, and spiritually. You want your...

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How to Cure Migraines Using Crystals
How to Cure a
Migraine Using Crystals                 From
feeling raw in the head to headaches to a full blown migraine, pain can affect
us in our daily lives and can be crippling. When it comes to migraines, it
affects our whole world around us. What can ...

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Uses for Lapis Lazuli
Uses for Lapis Lazuli                 Lapis
lazuli (also known as simply: Lapis) is a metamorphic rock (a rock that has
undergone transformation by heat, pressure, or other natural agencies), colored
blue. It is widely known for its usage in jewelry, and ha...

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Uses for Black Obsidian
Uses for Black
Obsidian  Obsidian is an igneous
(produced under the conditions of intense heat) rock that forms when molten
rock cools rapidly. It can be found near locations where the lava from a
volcanic eruption likely came into contact with water. Obsid...

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SUGGESTION Many people ask us, “What is a good list of crystals to
start my collection with?” After all, there are almost 5,000 minerals known to
mankind! Well, we have composed a list for you to help you get started!  According to Judy Ha...

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How to Sense YOUR Crystal
How to Sense YOUR Crystal So there you are, walking through
the shops at your local flea market when you happen across a huge display of stones
and crystals! Something draws you but you can’t figure out what. However, all
you know is you HAVE to go check th...

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New Post: How to Cleanse your Crystals

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Always wanted to make an ear cuff? Try this tutorial!

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