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New writing name, probably for the children's books only. Nicodemus Fox. 

Back on Google+ and changed to my real name. Will still use the writing name for the children's books. Planning to use Google+ more now but I'm already missing features that the "other" page has.

Sorry for my lack of attention to this page. A lot of posts were flagged as spam so I'm slowly going through those now.

To be honest I had basically forgotten about this page and don't use Google+ much anymore. I'm going to give it another go though.

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I guess I'm that "Self Righteous Asshole." 

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Who's happier?

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Today's #FoodieFriday recipe is for Cauliflower Cheddar Cheeze & Super Seedy Hemp-O Crackers!

We go through life making poor choices, done things we know now to be wrong. This is how we learn however, by recognizing that we did do wrong.

Even in the future we will make mistakes. We can only hope to continue to learn from them and keep being aware through self reflection.

True ethics don't come from a made up diety, nor government in the form of laws, not even society.

True ethics and morals can be felt in the heart.

Was I added to a public circle? I keep getting lots of people adding me. Most look like spam accounts?
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