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America's Favorite Serial Killer
America's Favorite Serial Killer


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It's coming. 

September 30th

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Great article about the future of the show, Michael C. Hall's involvement in the next two season's, the final reveal that took place in the last scene of season 6 and, the "ick factor" of Deb and Dexter's new "relationship."

And that's the way Season 6 ends.

For those of you who haven't watched, please feel free to mute this post (under the carrot/arrow in the top right corner of this post, click MUTE to avoid any spoilers).

Discuss! How did you feel about the ending? Are you excited for season 7? Ready, set, go!

"This Is the Way the World Ends" -- The season finale is tonight.

Are you ready?

What has been your favorite moment of season 6 so far?

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With only one episode left of #dexterseason6 and Travis Marshall on the loose, it's hard to not be excited when Showtime leaves you with teasers like this!

So, fellow Dexter fans, how do you think it will all end up?

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+NPR Covers the end of +DEXTER and touches on a bit of Michael C. Hall's history-- including his past with Six Feet Under and, his marriage (and divorce) from co-star Jennifer Carpenter.

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After tonight's episode of +Dexter and this week's news that the show will be renewed for two more seasons -- how do you feel about the show's future?

Are you happy that #Dexter will finally see an end, or are you sad to see the series go after what will be eight seasons of drama?

Comment below!

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( Note: If you're not caught up, do not watch the promo linked below and mute this thread to avoid spoilers in your stream )

Tonight, get ready for another new episode of +Dexter-- where this time our favorite serial killer goes on a road trip in the episode titled, "Nebraska."


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We're 66 episodes into #Dexter ("Let Go" was #66 -- each season has had 12) and each episode has opened with Dexter's "Morning Routine."

As a serial killer, the morning routine highlights the fact that Dexter is incredibly methodical about some of his practices.

What parts of Dexter's "routine" keeps you watching?

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Welcome to the Dexter Page!

Designed for fans of the Showtime show, +Dexter! Feel free to share your favorite Dexter moments, clips and moments from seasons past.

For those of you who are behind or aren't watching this season, each post relating to Season 6 will be tagged with #season6dexter before re-sharing.


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