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Derek Evans

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Live at the Granada Theater

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Re-visiting the "Telephone EP", released 5 years ago, by recording the tracks live last week.


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"The World We Live In"

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I love #yoga !
Having Fun Doing Yoga at Barton Springs Pool!

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gooood times. Had not played this in 5 yeras....
Late night music + a song I have not played in 5 years = gooood times. Hope you enjoy... :)
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Please Share....
If you live in Austin and have ever gone to #BlackSwanYoga  you might have met of the many great instructors. She was in a bad wreck last night. She was hit by a car while on her scooter. The owner of the studio posted this message

 "We have set up a website to HELP HEATHER LOVE ♥ Any help would be greatly appreciated. She is in ICU right now with swelling of the brain & broken bones, a broken neck & no health insurance. Please "share" this post to help spread the word and awareness. When she comes to it would be AMAZING to show her what we did while she was sleeping."

Hello Austin- I need your help.

A friend of mine and her family had a fire at their place last night. They are ok but lost every single item they have ever owned. They only moved in 3 days ago.  If you have clothes, food, etc that you do not need, I will gladly drive to your place and pick it up. Women's shirts large and medium- pants size 6 and 8. Kids clothes - 12 months girl, 4T girl. Large size shirt for men. Any food, diapers, etc are appreciated.

Additionally- I am happy to put together a house concert and play some music and accept any donations. Feel free to message me or email at if you can help or know a resource.

Thank you!

-Derek Evans

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Excited for the show, live hangout, and to play this new song! +Derek Evans 
"Infinite" by Derek Evans
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