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It was 3rd February I decided to dye my hair.
4am sat by myself, bored. what should I do. I know I'll dye a blue streak down the middle of my hair. I'll either look cool or a total tosser. I didn't care. So I did it and must admit I like it and have only had positive reaction to it. Problem is I've not had a chance to show it off either to my mates or a night out in my home town of Nottingham. I was so looking forward to going into town with my friends on the following Saturday night, The Saturday might following the night I dyed it I spent in the fantastic company of my son Adam and his lovely girlfriend Sabrina . So at least they got to see it and I think they thought it was pretty good.
Unfortunately on the Monday my loving bit sadly estranged wife decided to tell the police that she saw me on a road thst she has so far conned the police into believing i should be banned from(in crazy british law you are presumed guilty until proven otherwise if a person claims they are being harassed by another person, no evidence necessary ) her words "with a clear and unobstructed view from no more than 10 feet describing me as having a dark top on and sunglasses. So I was arrested that night and spent the night in the cells. Now at this point I'll mention the fact that she made this complaint in October last year. I've been treated appallingly and every time she feels like it she just picks up the phone and calls the police telling them she's seen me. The police then, without asking me a question just take me to the station and keep me overnight. The majority of the time they just let me go the next day. No apology no compensation nothing. . I still can't believe an innocent man can be treated I'm such a way. I've been praying for me to be charged with the initial vplaimy but all these months later I be still not been charged. But I keep being nailed to stay away from her and my home. That's tough because it means I can't see my beautiful little girl. That's causing emotional damage not only to me but to her own daughter with whom I had a lovely relationship and u know she'll be missing me as much as I'm missing her. Its cruel to deprive a child of Rhia's age of hers daddy's love and support. But that doesn't bother Kerry as long as it hurts me. When I eventually get charged(Although I passed on a minute part of evidence proving what a liar she is being about this whole affair and it's looking unlikely that I'll be charged for the original accusation ) I'll absolutely destroy her in court. I have a mountain of evidence that she will look very stupid and be exposed as a huge liar when she takes the stand. She will have to explain video after video , picture after picture , voicemails and other stuff I'm keeping under wraps. I mean for fucks sake she says I was harassing her from August 1st until she made the accjkusarion on October 20th. She must know know I've for all the stuff showing us together in many situations including very intimate ones right up until October 16 th. I don't know what she expects to achieve . All I wanted was for us to be able to sort our the financial side of things and access to Rhia. I don't know what happened to. Her bit at first she was perfectly reasonable bit changed overnight when her mother movers in to my house with her. A pore coincidence I'm sure. Anyway still not been charged with original but been accused of breaking bail several times. The last time being on the Monday. I was taken to court again on Tuesday. Her total evidence consisted of the description of me earlier. I gave detailed account of shops I'd been to at the time and offered to provide receipts etc but really didn't think any of this would be necessary as my solicitor asked me to stand up and ga CEO the magistrates. There I was bloody bright blue hair shining out like a beacon. Nobody who had seen me could miss it. Anybody who was asked to describe me would have,without doubt, have started with the act I had bright blue hair. But in Kerry's statement there was no mention of it. This from a woman who has known me for 14 years and is lived with for 10. Even the police inspector and the investigating officer put in a word for me(I think they'd had enough if her constant harassment pod me and frankly wasting their time) they said that having spoken to Kerry they both felt that her very matter of fact attitude didn't, in their experience, reflect the demeanour of someone who had seen someone that were afraid of. Well when they retired to consider their verdict I must admit that as the only "evidence" she had presented was her word and a description that had glaring omissions in it I felt fairly confident that I would be walking out the court a free man as usual. Well I doubt many people will have experienced the horror that followed. The magistrates actually began with the words I'll never forget "on the weight of evidence we find you guilty of breaching court bail conditions@ I couldn't believe it. What kind of country do we live in where they employ such out of touch arrogant prats who just take the word of a proven liar who can't even describe the man she been married to for 7 years without missing out such an obvious change in his appearance. Well they offered me bail provided I left my home and stayed at another address. That's bad I thought, not being able to stay in my own home but I wasn't given a choice so I quickly called 3 addresses to mind and gavel solicitor the first on my list. That was of a friend in Newstead about 5 miles away. The magistrates decided that was too close so I passed my second choice to my solicitor but before he could ask the court of it ea acceptable the magistrates decided to send mr up prison. I couldn't believe or understand what was happening. I'd never even been in a police cell before all this and now she had succeeded in having me put into prison. This without the original accusation even going to court. So it's not been proven that their wad any harassment in the first place(and it won't be as I said I doubt it'll go to court) and supposed to have home up the main road in Kirkby. Even if it were true o wouldn't have thought your have gone to prison for it. Kerry has never said she's frightened of me or felt threatened by me. The whole thing is ridiculous and out if hand. it was a domestic falling out , I can't even say dispute because I agreed to everything Kerry wanted of me. I think she just thought the separation wasn't advancing so she thought she'd create a bit of something to get things moving. I like to think that her initial intention was not to put me in prison. That would be too much for me to take in. It's bad enough losing the person you thought was your soul mate and who you'd bd happy to share the rest if your life with. And losing regular close contact with Rhia has hit me hard but to think that it is the woman who you loved and who you thought loved you that is the cause of all your troubles makes it harder to bear. Sitting in prison feeling so alone and afraid for your future is bad enough but knowing you ate innocent meats away at a person. Them on thecsaturday night I kept looking at the clock knowing she'd be out in the city laughing,chatting dancing and generally having a good time whilst I, who until recently was they love of her life sat in his cell ,. I can only hope that one day she spends a week or two in prison. Then she might realise now cruel she's been to the one person in this world who will always love her and do his best for her.anyway after spending two weeks in prison for something that ,even of I was guilty of hardly deserves two weeks n prison. I have been nailed but on such conditions that they wouldn't impose Obama violent criminal with several convictions for violent never mind someone accused of doing something as petty as. I'd been a accused of . Basically I can't contact Kerry directly or indirectly. So without giving a fuck about my daughter's feelings they've prevented us from seeing each other by using the words "or indirectly" so I can't use a third party to arrange and pick Rhia up for me, is that fair ? I think not. But on top of that the bail address I gave was in Nottingham. About 15 miles from where Kerry is staying but that wasnt enough. No I had to go to Scotland !! A place near Edinburgh. Over 300 miles away from my home, my family and my friends. They gave me bus fare to get to the train station and a ticket for Edinburgh train station. I was wearing only jeans and act-shirt. No wallet, no change of clothes, no car, nothing. The idiots hadn't even considered my medication or the fact that I need help to cope with what has happened to me. Just before I got lifted I'd been making some progress and had decided I needed to get my body sorted as of not been eating and sleeping properly for several months. I'd decided to start eating properly and are the fox for any other issues May have had. Well I saw the consultant at the hospital and he confined that my physical problems were being worsened by outside influences as he put it . Basically he said my Addison's
Dicease was causing him concern do arranged 2 MRI scans stressing to me that I must not miss them as he needed to know whether it was my adrenal gland or pituitary gland that is the problem sp the correct treatment could be administered . I was to continue to take my 4 tablets a day which would help me to cope. Meanwhile he discovered I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. He says that fr experience he can tell that this problem was actually started before the Addison's. He was amazed that I carried on pretty much as normal for as many years as I had without flaking out regularly
So he'd arranged an appointment to see my local doctor to sort suitable treatment
Well I can't do that.
I've obviously missed my MRI scans
Which means I go back to the bottom of the queue And will have to be referred again
He also suggested I needed counselling and CBY(cognitive behaviour therapy )
So all these things that had been put in place for me to get better and gain some control back in my life which in turn would help me make the right decisions have all been taken away from me by Kerry and her friends at the magistrates court.
So here I am, alone in Scotland. Not a friend to my name.(apart from William the guy whose house I'm staying at but he works nearly all the time)
I'm absolutely broke, thankfully my good friend Pog has told me he's sending £100
So that keeps me off the cold street for a few days longer. Once this has gone thats it. So I'm stick in a foreign land, money, no hope,No friends nearby., I cant go to any of the cracking dancing nights put in nottingham. I'm not allowed back into Nottinghamshire until the day of my trial for supposedly going up the wrong road at the wrong time. So to sum up my rife made a false accusation on October 20th of last year. That I have still not been charged with( and I hope undo do I can see her struggling to keep her lies going under the mountainous evidence against her( I'll include just one photo to show the briefest of insight into the kind of evidence I have to prove she's been lying all along . It's a photo taken by my little daughter Rhia of her mum and dad (that's Kerry and me) on August 26th in the morning . We don't look at our sparking best as we'd been up all night dancing and having loafs of fantastic sex(plenty of both i have vaptured on pictures and video) Now I don't know about anybody else but I would have thought that the two people in the picture were not exactly at war and the woman doesn't look either frightened or harassed by the man. And as I keep saying I've got lots and lots of this sort of thing as proof. This is what I don't understand a) she knows this and b( I showed a few pics and played a video I'd taken on my iPhone and I played a couple of voicemails to the officer who was amazingly going to charge me back in te beginning of November. She didn't charge me after telling the CPS of what I'd showed her. That was over four months ago and I still haven't been charged and I'm still on bail. What the fuck is going in. I've had four months + of torment. I've been arrested and dragged out of my house at all times of the morning, I've spent numerous nights in police cells, I've been in court in several occasions finally I've spent 2 weeks in prison and been banished 300 miles from home and the help I need, all this whilst I'm devastated at losing my wife, my daughter, my job and my house. In effect I've lost my life. I've turned into a shambling wreck with no thought of any future. And I still keep asking the same question WHY ? She won't tell me, she can't, because she has no reason, no justification for putting me through this hell. I would never, even now wish her anything but happiness. Don't get me wrong I'd like her to experience a little of the heartache and confusion I'm going through just so she realises what my life is like, every day the same, just thinking about the past and wondering WHY ? Our friends have asked her why she's doing it. They get no answer because there is no answer .
Bloody hell I'm going to stop now as I only.meant to post the pics of me with blue hair but I got carried away as I always do. I get fed up of thinking about it and talking about it. I'm so tired of my life right now. I've not had s minute without feeling sadness and stress for over 9 months now. My mind and body need a rest from it but I just can't get any respite. A hug from my little girl would help me so much . To hear her call me daddy would lift do much of my gloom. I miss her terribly. I think that's the cruellest thing Kerry is doing to me right now. She has no reason to prevent us seeing each other. It's pure spite. And as a mother she should feel very ashamed of herself for using Rhia against me knowing it's going to have a huge effect on Rhia in later life. I know from personal experience a child needs its father and when they grow up they carry around with them a heartache that can never be fully healed. There's a gap where there daddy's love should be .
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