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Stephen Cox

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I got turned onto this from FB. But this is so fucking great I must post it everywhere.Harry Potter fans will love this.

Turn your speakers up; get out of your chair and move your ass.
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Stephen Cox

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So what? Most of the players you are farming are just standing around. Nice editing though. Thanks.

Stephen Cox

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Husband hovering, watching me play Skyrim.

I pause the game, look up. "Ya mind, I got people to kill?"

He's like, "You don't pay enough attention to me".

God. The bane of all gamers. Ok, ok I know.

sigh I shut the game down. I hear the theme song to The Nanny coming from the bedroom. I follow him in. Reminding myself, "I. Am. Dovahkin."
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LOL - You and I are apparently married to the same person.
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Stephen Cox

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“Our dog ain’t wearing no damn thundershirt!” I proclaimed.

Candy, our 100lb+ half Dane/half Lab is afraid of fireworks. Keith brought her a Thundershirt.

He’s like, “It’ll keep her calm.”

“Look, John Wayne’s dog didn’t need no Thundershirt.”, I said jokingly.

We go back and forth. Candy (our dog) is jumping up and down between us.

Finally I say, “look if –“

“When” Keith snaps.

“Ok WHEN she gets upset I’ll calm her down the way an American is supposed to calm down.”

He’s like, “you are not giving her pills!”

I was half joking though this discussion. I’m such a downer queen. Nothing I like better, than slunked on lorazepam crying my eyes out. I get some of my best writing (prose and code) done that way.

But with Candy jumping up and down and Keith so determined.

“Ok fine. But you’re walking her.”

Thundershirt... my ass. Damn fucking embarrassing.
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Stephen Cox

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Hey thanks for this. .

Stephen Cox

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Humm... maybe it's time pay more attention to Google +.
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Stephen Cox

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I played this game for about a year on Order. It was the unbalance factions  that finally caused me to quit.

This video brought back some good memories of the game. Even a few tears during the credits and the final shot of the city. It was a great tribute.

Thank you. 

PS. I watched this again. And really, the script, the music selection, the video, the voice - fantastic. I loved it.

Thanks again. 
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