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Gert-Wim van der Snel

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Gert-Wim van der Snel

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Tja, dit was te verwachten.
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Gert-Wim van der Snel

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Nice song, nice lyrics...
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Gert-Wim van der Snel

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Koefeest has come to an end
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Altijd en overal direct uw dagelijkse bankzaken doen met uw mobiele telefoon. Altijd en overal direct uw dagelijkse bankzaken doen met uw mo

100% Homemade Electricity Producing Wind Turbine - 100% Homemade Electricity Producing Wind Turbine Several years ago I bought some remote property in Arizona

ANWB test Honda Civic

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Experimental V rotor vertical axis wind turbine

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2010 USA Cars sliding and crashing down icy hill in the snow!

And the US always seem to do car/snow/ice fails much more spectacularly than the UK..... At least one lucky bugger avoided being sandwiched

Faith Cafe with Guest Chris Rice

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De minuut: DJ Kypski & het Matangi Kwartet - Tetra - 12-1-2012

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Home made windmill generator part 1 - building a small prototype

Before you spend time and money for a big generator you should first build a small version to check if your concept is really working!

Honda geeft Asimo-robot een upgrade | Core | Nieuws

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Deze documentaire geeft een kijkje in de schrijnende leefsituatie van de oma's in Oekraïne. Dit door de ogen van 5 avontuurlijke jongens die

Bach - Organ Works - DVD1.avi

Primera parte de Grandes Obras para órgano de Johann Sebastian Bach, interpretadas por Hans-André Stamm.

Chevy My Dad's Car

Herb Younger thought we were a film crew documenting three generations of an American family. Little did he know, we conspired with his two

Kelly Clarkson- Already Gone (Lyrics)

Kelly's next hit new single, Already Gone, which some say sounds like Beyonce's 'Halo', but I totally disagree.

Odysseus solar-powered UAV

Aurora Flight Sciences design for a solar-powered UAV able to stay aloft for five years - one of three designs selected for DARPA's Vulture