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Mark Bowerman
East Midlands extreme needlepoint champion '91-'93 and '94. Brilliant.
East Midlands extreme needlepoint champion '91-'93 and '94. Brilliant.

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Hoping #Ello succeeds :)

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The Haters Gonna Hate chap walks just about in time to Radiohead's High and Dry and lifting the mood nicely.

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 131

I assume it's in the post, Google?

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Every so often something comes along to remind me of the wow-factor that space has. Wow. Gorgeous photographs.

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Particularly looking forward to watching "Girl with a Pea" on the BBC iPlayer tonight. Petit Pois or Marrowfat? Can't wait to find out.

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A new Yahoo! logo. Or at least thirty new Yahoo! logos.

What'll it be?

Either they've come up with a really neat way of avoiding the eternal problem of users instantly rejecting change moaning "I liked the old one" by embarking on a campaign of running lots of the also-rans in the lead up to the official rebrand on 5th September.

OR they're heading for widespread disappointment when inevitably most people's favourite version is not chosen.

I like the idea, just better hope you've backed the winner, Yahoo!

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Love Christopher Niemann's Google Doodles today for the first day of Summer/Winter depending on your hemisphere of choice :)

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A nice little bit of skeuomorphism is great for learning a new interface - not the horrible (snooker table?) iOS Game Center sic. - suspect iOS7 will be less intuitive to a new user.

And done well it's a harmless bit of characterful fun - I miss the largely unnoticed reel-to-reel tape behind the Podcasts app until earlier this year - a kitsch little treat for times when the world felt a bit cold and digital.

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My blog of choice, Webdesigner Depot, has a fantastic new redesign. Responsive, exciting and just plain good.

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Cultural differences or brand differences? Interesting to compare this ad for the markets north and south of the border.

NatWest Emergency Cash TV ad - September 2012
RBS Emergency Cash TV ad - September 2012

I prefer the one aimed at me.
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