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What I submitted to the Los Angeles Times.

After reading your opinion about President Trump, “Our Dishonest President” (April 2nd) I find that the newspaper has selective vision where they could care less about the abuses in Sacramento while still using the bully pulpit of their newspaper about what is going on in Washington DC. As a Republican who did not vote for Trump I can agree that Trump has a multitude of flaws that has led to his approval ratings in the mid-thirties. Instead of the focus on Russia, the Democratic Party needs to focus on broadening its base and find captivating candidates because Republicans felt Clinton was unqualified as well.
California also needs to stop on its fixation on Trump and focus on the real issues such as improving its infrastructure, fiscal reform where we do not use our road funds to pay our everyday bills and making our state a better place to do business.

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#fightfor0 is going to happen.Only jobs will be is a restocker, a janitor and a robot repairman that comes once a week. 

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Give me Swedish pop music. Don't give me Swedish political ideas in California.

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This sounds like a perfect treat.

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I know this is not Thursday, but this is one of the best columns I wrote four years ago. 

I should not have to atone for Tom Steyer's money making by having to pay taxes for his energy industry sins. #capolitics #nextgenpoverty

Don't be fooled by the false and misleading ballot title and summary that pro-criminal AG Kamala Harris put on Prop. 57 -- it will reduce prison sentences for many, many violent criminals and put them back on the streets. Worst of all the sentencing "reforms" in Prop. 57 are retroactive -- so victims of violent crimes trying to recapture some dignity and meaning in their lives will be revictimized because of this cruel and dangerous ballot measure. Vote "HELL NO" and spread the word! - Flash Report author Jon

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Yes Marc Steinorth and others are wrong. We should not sit races out.

I am running for the Chaffey Joint Union High School District board. Which covers the cities/communities of Montclair, Mt.Baldy, Ontario, Rancho Cuccamonga and portions of Fontana and Upland.

My goals is to help close the achievement gap in Montclair and Ontario area high schools. Offer remedial classes in reading to help improve our students skills. If our kids are not able to read their textbooks or their handouts they are surely not going to be as attentive and engaged in class.

I want to see vocational partnerships with private industry and government programs such as the Job Corps.

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File this under why the drug war and gun control does not work. h/t Patrick's Politics on FB. 
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