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Sarah Sharp calls foul on Linus Torvalds --
This whole thread is a beauty. 
But Linus isn't going to change :)

Learning Go.
Made it through their tour and bootstrapped with a simple Go queue package --
Good fun, especially concurrency handling with channels #golang

How reframing a problem unlocks innovation:

An excellent read.

Holy shit.
Elon Musk of Tesla, SpaceX and Solarcity fame (discounting his Hyperloop proposal) and one of the greatest innovators in the world is changing the rules of the game by offering a $500/mo on the Tesla Model S.

My next car lease is here --
/cc +Nishith Nand

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One full day wasted chasing a shared segment data corruption bug as a result of glibc resorting to a downward memcpy optimization for overlapping memcpy's. 
Just an insane change from glibc folks that had also impacted other apps including Flash sometime back. 
Huge effort to convince customers using such apps when it crashes randomly. 
Could have taken me weeks but I am usually good with debugging such memory corruption bugs. So got lucky.
A gist that just shows memcpy failing for overlapping boundaries and its expected because memmove is just a safe memcpy.
But look at the comments in my gist below since it isn't so obvious:

Met my geek buddy +Nishith Nand over the weekend and he showed me an amazing video about how Silicon Valley came into existence --
It ends with the amazing birth of Intel.
Next time, I hear someone call Bangalore as the Silicon Valley of Asia/India, I would laugh till the cows come home.

Richard Stallman proposes a great solution for fixing and eliminating "too-big-to-fail" companies/banks by forcing them to split through progressive tax rates on large businesses based on their gross income --

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Got my first coffee shipment from Tonx that sources the best beans from the world and ships it to you every 2 weeks. (
Great body and acidity. 
Looks like I am sold. 
If anyone wants to sign up for free trial, use this link as it would give me some perks :)
Courtesy +Nishith Nand , I would get a t-shirt and hopefully a free shipment when he signs up for their subscription.

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New blog post : "Ticket Spinlocks".

Also check out my user space implementation of ticket spinlocks used by the linux kernel --

Try to use it as an alternative to pthread_spin_lock api's.
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